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Aron Govil, Ducon Chairman Congratulates Prime Minister Modi for India’s G20 Summit Success

IndiaAron Govil, Ducon Chairman Congratulates Prime Minister Modi for India’s G20 Summit Success

Business Wire India

(NSE: DUCON) — AS the G20 summit ended in New Delhi, Aron Govil Chairman of Ducon Group, congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the leadership exhibited by India in organizing a harmonious gathering of an extremely divided blocks of nations and reaching agreements on many issues of global importance. Mr. Govil said that the success of G20 summit in New Delhi has cemented India’s status as a modern superpower.

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Ducon Chairman Aron Govil (Photo: Business Wire)

Ducon Chairman Aron Govil (Photo: Business Wire)

Ducon Chairman said, “Under PM Modi’s leadership, India achieved a unanimous “New Delhi Leaders’ Summit Declaration” from world leaders on all important economic and political matters during the G20 summit, in spite of many skeptics who believed that India will not be able to reach any consensus or joint statements due to deep political divisions among the attending nations; however, to the surprise of many, due to diligent and vigorous work by Modi officials of bridging the gaps between different national ideologies, not only PM Modi created a consensus on so many important issues but also set the framework for deeper future cooperation.”

Numerous meetings ahead of the G20 summit, were held by Prime Minister Modi with world leaders like Joseph Biden of US, Rishi Sunak of UK, Olaf Scholz of Germany, and Fumio Kishida of Japan to create a consensus which contributed to the success of the G20 summit under India’s presidency. The Indian government officials worked tirelessly for months ahead of the summit and held over 300 virtual and in-person meetings with G20 member nations in more than 60 world cities.

Aron Govil commented, “In spite of polarization between the East and the West India acted as a bridge and was able to create an agreement on the climate crisis, by getting commitments to reduce fossil fuel use, increase renewable energy targets, and lower greenhouse gas emissions, in spite of objections from several countries and furthermore, India also announced the launch of the Global Biofuels Alliance between nineteen countries and twelve international organizations, where India, Brazil, and the US are the alliance’s founding members.”

The G20 summit was held at the sprawling new convention Center, Bharat Mandapan, built in the heart of New Delhi at the cost of USD 325 million and had an operating budget that exceeded US$ 100 million. The Modi government hosted world dignitaries from 29 countries, showcasing India’s rich heritage which allowed India to highlight its economic and technological credentials on the global stage, flex its newly acquired leadership status in southeast Asia and let the world know that India is becoming a force to reckon with.

“India’s G20 presidency is the culmination of decade long hard work by the Modi government, during which India has become the fourth country to land on the moon and surpassed the UK to become the world’s fifth-largest economy,” said Aron Govil, “India is entering a period of strategic investment opportunity as it is projected to be the fastest growing major economy in the coming years, as China’s growth slows down and thus the United States and the EU nations are looking at India as an important counterweight to China.” ended Mr. Govil.

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