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UAE & India forge strong alliance as G20 and COP28 leaders pave the way for a sustainable global agenda

IndiaUAE & India forge strong alliance as G20 and COP28 leaders pave the way for a sustainable global agenda

As the respective chairs of the G20 Summit in New Delhi and COP28, the UN Climate Conference in Dubai this year, India and the UAE are harnessing their collective strengths to shape the agenda for a new global order, says Indian Ambassador to the UAE, Sunjay Sudhir.
“Our shared global agenda revolves around the principles of development, justice, equity, and harmony for all, echoing the common values of Mahatma Gandhi- the father of the Indian nation, and Baba Zayed- the founding father of the UAE,” emphasized Sunjay Sudhir, the Indian Ambassador to the UAE.
He underscored their united vision of “One Earth, One Family, and One Future,” which aligns with India’s G-20 Presidency theme. Sudhir highlighted the UAE’s active involvement in G-20 affairs. He revealed that India, as the current G20 President, had extended an invitation to the UAE as a guest country, a gesture warmly reciprocated by the UAE through its enthusiastic participation in various G20 activities.
The visible impact of this collaboration is exemplified by the frequent visits of UAE ministers to India, occurring nearly every month, accompanied by substantial teams of experts and senior officials. This dynamic participation has elevated the UAE’s profile within the G20, strengthening the friendship between India and the UAE.
Given the fact that G-20 member countries are collectively responsible for a significant portion of global carbon emissions, reaching a consensus on emission reduction strategies at the summit holds substantial importance.
Sudhir stressed India’s unwavering commitment to fostering consensus within the G20 and emphasized that emission reduction is a top priority for India. Furthermore, Sudhir emphasized the close cooperation between India and the UAE on climate change issues and their shared anticipation of the December Climate Action Summit in Dubai, which is a significant event under the UAE’s COP28 presidency.
Highlighting the synergy between India and the UAE in international forums, Sudhir mentioned the recent G20 trade and investment ministers’ meeting in Jaipur, where key resolutions developed throughout the year by the trade and investment working group were adopted. These resolutions will be presented at the G-20 Leaders’ Summit.
The ambassador also noted the relevance of India-UAE cooperation in the context of the UAE hosting the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Ministerial Meeting in the coming year. In line with the priorities identified in the trade and investment track at the G20, India and the UAE have been collaborating closely within the WTO. These priorities have gained significance, particularly as the world grapples with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, which disrupted global supply chains.
Sudhir highlighted the resilience of the India-UAE partnership during the challenging COVID-19 period, emphasizing their joint efforts to maintain vital economic linkages between the two countries. Furthermore, he pointed out that India and the UAE are substantial trade partners, with bilateral trade steadily increasing since the signing of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) the previous year. Sudhir expressed confidence in achieving the goal of achieving non-oil bilateral trade worth $100 billion in the near future.

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