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PM Modi begins his opening remarks at the G20 on a sombre note: G20 SUMMIT began in Delhi

UncategorizedPM Modi begins his opening remarks at the G20 on a sombre note: G20 SUMMIT began in Delhi

The G-20 Summit of 2023, hosted by India, started on a poignant note with a heartfelt message of solidarity for the people of Morocco, who had recently faced the devastation of an earthquake. The international community joined hands in prayer for the swift recovery of the injured and extended their willingness to provide assistance to Morocco in its time of need.

India, holding the presidency of the G-20, extended a warm welcome to the world leaders gathered for this momentous event. Just a stone’s throw away from the summit venue stands a pillar that carries a profound message dating back two and a half millennia. Engraved in the ancient Prakrit language, “Hevam Lokasa Hitmukhe Ti, Ath iyam naatisu hevam” it speaks of humanity’s well-being and happiness as a paramount concern. This timeless message, born in the Indian subcontinent, resonates with the world even today.

In an era that is reshaping the global landscape, the challenges faced by humanity demand innovative and humane solutions. India’s call to action is clear: a “Human Centric” approach is imperative. It recognizes that the pressing issues of our time, including the deepening trust deficit in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing conflicts, must be addressed collectively.

The G-20 Summit 2023 advocates for a shift from global trust deficit to trust and confidence. Under India’s presidency, the mantra of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, and Sabka Prayas” (Together, for everyone’s growth, with everyone’s trust, and everyone’s effort) becomes a guiding principle for global leaders.

Key challenges on the agenda include economic turbulence, North-South disparities, East-West divides, and the management of vital resources like food, fuel, and fertilizer. Additionally, topics like terrorism, cyber security, and securing access to health, energy, and water are paramount for the well-being of present and future generations.

India’s G-20 Presidency stands as a symbol of inclusivity. It was not just a summit; it became the “People’s G-20.” Millions of Indians participated in over 200 meetings held in more than 60 cities across the country. In this spirit of inclusivity, India proposed granting permanent membership to the African Union within the G-20—a proposal met with widespread support.

With the unanimous consent of the attending nations, the Chair of the African Union was invited to take a permanent seat at the G-20 table. This gesture exemplifies the commitment to diversity and unity, echoing the essence of “Sabka Saath.”

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