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Indian Consulate in UAE Helps Repatriate Indian National Who Lost Both Legs

IndiaIndian Consulate in UAE Helps Repatriate Indian National Who Lost Both Legs

The Indian Consulate in UAE has helped repatriate an Indian national who lost both legs after being admitted to a hospital in Sharjah.

Mr. Ramesh Kumar, 64,had come to the UAE in 2020 to set up his own business. However, he suffered a huge loss in his business due to the COVID-19 pandemic and his trading license expired in March 2023.On April 4, 2023, Mr. Kumar was admitted to Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah, for diabetic foot and later
both his legs were amputated.. He underwent treatment at the hospital for about 3 months and was discharged on July 28, 2023.

Since Mr. Kumar had no relatives or friends in the UAE or India, and had no place to stay nor any money for his food, he approached the Consulate in a wheelchair with a request to arrange his repatriation to India. The Consulate made several attempts to visit the local immigration office to get Mr. Kumar’s exit permit was issued. However, they were instructed by the immigration officers to first get his trade license cancelled from Ras al khaimah free zone (RAKEZ) and only after that, they would be able to issue him an exit permit.The Consulate then visited RAKEZ with a request to consider Mr. Kumar’s case on humanitarian grounds. The RAKEZ authorities agreed to consider the case and gave an NOC, allowing Mr. Kumar to travel to India.

The Consulate then arranged a wheelchair ticket and a non-medical escort for Mr. Kumar and he was safely repatriated to Bangalore.
Consul General Bijender Singh said that the Consulate has been assisting Indian nationals in distress in the UAE. In August 2023 alone, the Consulate has shifted 7 stretcher passengers, 1 baby bassinet case, and 3 wheelchair cases.He said that the Consulate is committed to providing assistance to all Indian nationals in the UAE, regardless of their circumstances.

The Consulate also thanked the community volunteers who helped in Mr. Kumar’s case. Mr. SS Meeran, Ms. Parminder Gouri, and Mr. Pushpan Govindan provided assistance with transportation and other arrangements.Mr. Kumar expressed his gratitude to the Consulate and the community volunteers for their help. He said that he would not have been able to return to India without their help.He said that he is now looking forward to starting a new life in India.

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