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G20 Summit in New Delhi: A grand event with unprecedented preparations, precautions and securities

AsiaG20 Summit in New Delhi: A grand event with unprecedented preparations, precautions and securities

As the world eagerly anticipates the upcoming G20 Summit, India stands poised to host this prestigious event in the heart of its capital, New Delhi, on September 9 and 10. The venue for this global gathering of leaders is the impressive Bharat Mandapam Convention Centre, situated in Pragati Maidan.

All schools, colleges & offices to remain closed across Delhi from Sept 8 to Sept 10 in view of the G20 Summit. PM Modi apologised in advance to Delhiites for inconvenience due to G20 Summit prompting PM Modi to offer an advance apology.

In an address on August 26, PM Modi took the initiative to apologize to the people of Delhi for the “trouble they would face” due to the G20 Summit. This gesture underscores the immense efforts and precautions being undertaken to ensure the safety and security of world leaders as they converge on the Indian capital.

The preparations for the summit are nothing short of remarkable. The Bharat Mandapam Convention Centre has been transformed into a “state-of-the-art” facility, ready to accommodate leaders from the world’s largest economies. Simultaneously, Delhi’s security forces have spared no effort in ensuring airtight security arrangements. With global leaders in attendance, safeguarding their well-being is paramount, and extensive measures have been implemented to guarantee their safety.

Delhi Traffic Police has also played a crucial role in maintaining security. An advisory has been issued with specific measures to uphold foolproof security arrangements. These measures may lead to temporary inconveniences for residents, particularly those in proximity to India Gate and Kartavya Path areas. The appeal to avoid walking or cycling in these areas is a necessary precaution to ensure the safety of all.

The G20 Summit is more than just a diplomatic event; it is an opportunity for India to showcase its capabilities on the global stage. It is a moment for the nation to demonstrate its commitment to international cooperation and diplomacy. Hosting such a significant event is a reflection of India’s growing influence in the world and its willingness to engage in meaningful discussions on global challenges.

As Delhi prepares to welcome the world, the people of the city are urged to be patient and understanding of the temporary disruptions caused by the summit. While inconveniences may arise, they are outweighed by the opportunity for India to engage with the global community and address critical issues affecting our planet.

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