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A Leading Automotive Off-Road Lighting Manufacturer – Auxbeam Arrives in India

IndiaA Leading Automotive Off-Road Lighting Manufacturer - Auxbeam Arrives in India

Business Wire India

Auxbeam – Light the Way, U.S. based automotive off-road lighting leader in its category has launched their range of products in India to ensure safety while off-roading. Auxbeam arrives with affordable and excellent quality products in India and offers a wide product portfolio of LED Headlight Bulbs, LED Driving LightLED Headlights for CarsHID replacements LEDs, Light Bars, Driving Lights, Switch Panels, Headlight Assemblies, Fog Lights, POD Lights, Auxiliary Lights, etc. for cars, trucks, boats, mining & marine. Auxbeam products are easy to install and efficient with the best in segment performance and quality optics with pocket-friendly nature.

Auxbeam entered the Indian market with a performance lighting product portfolio in India. The company manufactures different types of lights for automotive vehicles categories, which are:

1. LED Headlight Bulbs: Performance high-quality headlight bulbs for cars provide bright and clear vision for drivers. GX Ultra 200W, GX Pro 160W, GX Series 120W, GX Duo 120W Headlights & Fog Lights Bulbs etc. https://auxbeam.in/collections/led-light-bulbs
  • GX Ultra Series 200W – 6000K & 4300K
  • GX Pro Series 160W – 6000K & 4300K
  • GX Series 120W – 6000K
  • GX Duo Series 120W Switchback – 6000K/4300K
  • F22 110W – 6500K
  • Q30 110W – 6500K
2. LED Light Bars: One of the finest performances with spot beam and spread/flood beam along with combo beam light bars with multiple LED lights that are used to provide light for off-roading vehicles. 5D Pro, V-Pro RGBW, 6 Mode, 5D Dual Row Light Bars. https://auxbeam.in/collections/led-light-bars
  • 5D Pro Light Bar Combo Beam
  • 5D Dual Row Light Bar Combo Beam
  • V-Pro RGBW Light Bar
  • 6 Mode Light Bars
3. Fog Lights Assembly: These lights are designed to cut through fog and provide better visibility for drivers with cutting-edge laser technology with an inbuilt Bi-LED Bi-Beam pattern with extreme level performance. 3-inch laser Tri-Beam projectors, 3-inch Bi-beam Bi-LED projectors, 2-inch Bi-Beam Bi-LED projectors. https://auxbeam.in/collections/led-fog-light-assembly
  • 3-Inch Bi-LED Tri-Beam Laser Projector Fog Light Assembly
  • 3-Inch Bi-LED Tri-Beam Projector Fog Light Assembly
  • 2.5-Inch Bi-LED Bi-Beam Projector Fog Light Assembly
  • 2-Inch Bi-LED Bi-Beam Projector Fog Light Assembly
4. Switch Panels/Gang Panels: One and only provider of automotive switch panels in India, These types of switch panels are used by off-roaders to manage their all lighting equipments setup from a touch point with utmost convenience inside the cabin while the rest of all wiring falls under bonnet. Say No to extra wirings in cabin with Auxbeam switch panels. AR 800, AR 600, RA80, A80, B80, C60, Gang Panels. https://auxbeam.in/collections/switch-panel
  • AR800 – 8 Gang RGB Switch Panel
  • AR600 – 6 Gang RGB Switch Panel
  • RA80* 2 – Large Dual Panel Switch Panels For Vanity Vans & Buses
  • A80 – 8 Gang Panel
  • C60 – 6 Gang Panel
5. LED Headlights Assembly: One and Only provider of 9-inch RGB headlight assembly in India for Jeep Wrangler, Rubicon, Gladiator, while 7-inch dot approved as well as performance LED headlight assembly for Thar, Jimny, Gurkha. https://auxbeam.in/collections/led-headlight-assembly
6. LED Driving Lights: This segment has a very strong portfolio of driving lights in 9-inch & 7-inch with inbuilt projectors as well. 9” 360’ Pro, 7” 360’ Pro are best-selling models. https://auxbeam.in/collections/led-driving-lights
  • 9-Inch 360” Pro LED Driving Light
  • 7-Inch 360” Pro LED Driving Light
  • 7-Inch 240W, 200W, 180W, 160W & 140W LED Driving Lights With DRL
7. LED Pod Lights: Auxbeam provide lots of choice under pod lights ranging from 3-inch to 7-inch with spot beams, flood beam, and combo beam. These pods/cubes have one of the best of both world capabilities for on-road & off-road lighting having longer throw and more penetrated lighting beam. https://auxbeam.in/collections/led-pod-lights
  • 5-Inch 168W Pod Light With DRL Combo Beam
  • 5-Inch 132W Pod Light
  • 3-Inch 96W 6 Modes Pod Light
  • 5-Inch 110W White & Amber Pod Light
  • 3-Inch 80W POD Light
  • 4-Inch 92W POD Light With DRL Combo Beam
  • 4-Inch 110W Hi-Lo Beam Pod Light With DRL
  • 4-Inch 6 Mode Pod Light
  • 3-Inch 60W Combo Beam Pod Light
  • 2.5-Inch 30W Pod Light
  • 5-Inch LED Bar Square Pod Light
8. Whip Lights: For special operations like Aviation, Marines, and Rallies Auxbeam provides whip lights. RGB rock lights, Front Grille Lights, Strip  Lights. https://auxbeam.in/collections/whip-lights https://auxbeam.in/collections/auxilliary-led-lights https://auxbeam.in/collections/front-grille-led-lights


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