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YuviPep Empowers Bengaluru School Girl to Innovate Smart Brain Tumour Detector

EducationYuviPep Empowers Bengaluru School Girl to Innovate Smart Brain Tumour Detector

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Is Innovation only limited to IIT, NIT, or IISc students? Well, think again. Gone are the days when innovation was confined to professional institutions. Meet Saanvi, a class 8 student from Bengaluru, who is grabbing attention with her remarkable inventions. Her early brain tumour detection prototype is proving to be a blessing for numerous patients. Now, patients can see a ray of hope as early detection and treatment of brain tumours has become a reality.

Saanvi used Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, problem-solving and critical thinking fundamentals to develop the early brain tumour detection prototype. “My idea was to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning techniques to improve the accuracy and efficiency of brain tumour detection. I collected a large dataset of brain MRI images from various sources, including public domains and Kaggle, to train and validate the model,” says a confident Saanvi Nyamagoud.

Saanvi plans to broaden the spectrum beyond Brain Tumour detection. With assistance from YuviPep’s mentors, she intends to refine the prototype through training using a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model. This enhancement aims to seamlessly integrate it into clinical practices, offering a crucial resource for the early identification of brain tumours, cancers, and other medical conditions. “By assisting radiologists in precisely recognising brain tumours from MRI images, it can enhance patient outcomes by enabling prompt diagnosis and timely treatment. Additionally, the model can be scaled up to predict tumour characteristics, grading, and other ailments and monitor treatment effectiveness and disease advancement,” says Saanvi.

“We are on a mission to improve students’ logical reasoning and critical thinking skills to make science learning more application-oriented and to encourage the next generation of young innovators like Saanvi,” said Sourav Roy, Lead Innovation Specialist of YuviPep. Moreover, YuviPep’s students have showcased their creative power with projects like the Smart Gas Leakage Detector, Pet-Friendly Automatic Door, and Anti-Theft Mechanism for their own houses.

YuviPep is one of the leading companies worldwide, specialising in Innovation programmes. Its Innovation Base Course (IBC) is specifically designed for students in grades 1 to 12. By introducing IBC in several schools in India and worldwide, YuviPep is complementing the education landscape by instilling science and technology-based practical learning. Backed by extensive research and curated by qualified R&D engineers, YuviPep has created a level-wise curriculum for school students. It aims to address the challenge schools and parents face to empower students with futuristic 21st-century skills.

Today’s rapidly evolving world demands a shift in traditional educational paradigms. YuviPep understands the importance of giving kids useful knowledge that helps them think creatively, solve problems, and be ready for the future. The company’s innovative curricula guide students on an exciting journey through Electronics, Mechatronics, Design Thinking, Automation, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things and Robotics, providing them with invaluable practical experience in the process of innovation. Regular group-wise projects create a leadership quality in the students and enhance their communication skills regarding scientific explanation. The YuviPep team works hand in hand with the schools’ science teachers to mentor the students with innovative projects and provide opportunities to participate in regional and national competitions.

The YuviPep team is creating a global community of young innovators and continuously connecting industry and school students through internships, event visits, online industry expert sessions and an Innovation-oriented newsletter called IDEA designed for school students.

YuviPep has already reached 20+ countries, creating 50K+ innovators with 200+ skilled R&D engineers as trainers. Currently catering to more than 20 schools in different districts of Karnataka, including Bengaluru, YuviPep has successfully reached over 6000 students through weekly online and offline workshops of IBC, bridging the gap of the curated effective curriculum for innovation-based skill development in schools.

“We understand that cracking IIT’s entrance exam is very competitive due to limited seats, and most students face challenges,” says Jakati Vikram, Director of Innovation at YuviPep Education Private Limited.

“But learning futuristic skills from an early age instils a problem-solving mindset, nurturing the innovator spirit that will drive their successful careers,” he adds.

In addition to its innovative curricula, YuviPep assists schools in designing and creating innovation labs for students, providing them with quality equipment, including 3-D printers for prototype creation. Furthermore, the company has established the YuviPep online store, offering a wide range of Innovation kits for school-level projects and STEM competitions at an affordable rate.

Register here to book a Free Class of YuviPep’s Innovation Base Course.

Schools all over India can connect with YuviPep for any requirements, like:

  • Incorporating Innovation Base Course (Speciality of YuviPep) in school.
  • Introducing monthly, quarterly, or yearly Innovation or Robotics workshops in the school.
  • Opening an Innovation Lab in School for students to connect with technology and industry.
  • Training and up-skilling of school teachers for imparting Innovation based curriculum.
  • Providing end-to-end robotics project guidance and equipment’s for school students.
Corporates can connect YuviPep for CSR initiatives and to position themselves as promoters of innovation in India at [email protected].

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