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Global Perceptions of India: insights from Pew Research Centre’s survey ahead of G20 Summit

UncategorizedGlobal Perceptions of India: insights from Pew Research Centre's survey ahead of G20 Summit

As the G20 Summit in Delhi approaches, a comprehensive survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre sheds light on global perceptions of India. The survey reveals intriguing insights into how the world views India, its influence on the international stage, and the popularity of its national leaders.

The survey demonstrates that India enjoys a generally positive reputation across the globe, with 46% of respondents expressing favorable views of the country. Conversely, 34% hold unfavorable opinions, while 16% remain neutral or withhold their judgment.

The survey, conducted across 23 countries, highlights the countries that view India most positively. Israel leads the pack with an impressive 71% favorable view, followed by the UK (66%), Kenya (60%), Nigeria (58%), and South Korea (55%), among others.

However, not all countries share this positive perspective. Surprisingly, South Africa, the Netherlands, Spain, and Austria exhibit less favorable views of India, with unfavorable opinions ranging from 45% to 51%.

Interestingly, the survey reveals a disparity in perceptions regarding India’s global influence. While 68% of Indians believe that their country’s international standing has grown stronger in recent times, most of the global respondents hold the opposite view. Only a minority in Israel (29%), the UK (34%), Japan (32%), and the US (23%) perceive India’s influence as having increased.

Domestically, Prime Minister Narendra Modi enjoys a strong favorable view, with a remarkable 79% of Indians expressing positive opinions about his leadership. This popularity extends to his perception as a driver of India’s growing global influence.

The survey underlines an interesting contrast in how Indians perceive their country’s rise in power compared to the global perspective. About 70% of Indians believe that India’s influence has surged recently, whereas only 28% of respondents across 19 other countries share this belief. This discrepancy also extends to views on whether India’s influence has weakened, where Indians (13%) align more closely with the global median (13%).

The survey delves into Indians’ perceptions of other countries and leaders. India’s positive view of Russia stands out, with a majority (57%) seeing the country favorably. In contrast, China receives a majority of unfavorable views from India, setting it apart from other surveyed middle-income countries.

The Pew Research Centre’s survey provides a comprehensive overview of global perceptions of India, its leaders, and its international influence. The results highlight both the positive image India holds in various countries and the nuanced differences in how India’s rise on the global stage is perceived. Furthermore, the survey underscores the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the political landscape in India, offering insights into the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections. As the G20 Summit approaches, these insights provide valuable context for discussions on India’s role in the world and its future trajectory.

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