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UAE’s Malayali Community Unites in Festive Splendor for Thiruvonam

IndiaUAE's Malayali Community Unites in Festive Splendor for Thiruvonam

Today is the day of Thiruvonam, the pinnacle of Onam festivities for Malayalees around the world . The UAE’s Malayali community came together  to celebrate this special day, honoring King Mahabali’s return, a kind ruler of yore. Families gathered for a cherished tradition: Onasadhya, a feast with over 25 mouthwatering dishes. From rice delights to zesty curries and sweets, it was a time for bonding and indulgence.

The UAE’s Onam revelry showcased the Malayali community’s pride in their culture. The festival echoed Kerala’s grand history, uniting Malayalis in cultural festivities and reverence for their origins.

In this year Healthcare heroes of UAE  from diverse nationalities, added a unique touch by crafting a stunning 250-square-meter “Pookalam,” a floral art piece. It celebrated the UAE’s sustainability focus and the upcoming COP28 Climate Change Conference. This artful tapestry mirrored the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, blending eco-awareness with heritage.

Amidst the backdrop of the UAE’s modern skyline, the traditional customs of Thiruvonam were rekindled as families and communities joined hands to create a festive atmosphere that honored both heritage and unity.Onam is a festival that lasts for ten days, starting with ‘Atham’ or the first day and ending with ‘Thiruvonam’. The festivities include many traditional activities, such as creating beautiful floral patterns called ‘Pookkalam’, cultural performances exchange of gifts etc

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