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Ceipal Continues to Lead AI-Driven Recruitment with New ChatGPT Integration

TechCeipal Continues to Lead AI-Driven Recruitment with New ChatGPT Integration

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Ceipal, ​​the industry-leading, AI-powered total talent acquisition platform, has integrated ChatGPT — a form of generative AI technology — into its applicant tracking system (ATS). Ceipal’s ChatGPT integration empowers recruiters and staffing professionals to work more efficiently and effectively, increasing their productivity and enabling them to spend more time on strategic initiatives and to focus on building and nurturing customer and candidate relationships.

According to research from the National Bureau of Economic Research, generative AI, including ChatGPT, can increase workforce productivity by an average of 14 percent. Ceipal’s ChatGPT integration enhances the recruitment and talent acquisition process through:

  • Candidate Sourcing: Users can build boolean search strings to amplify candidate sourcing, enabling them to search internal and external jobs to identify, find, and pursue quality talent quickly.
  • Job Descriptions: Users can create consistent job descriptions and summaries and streamline communication between candidates and hiring managers, saving them time and improving clarity in job requirements.
  • Candidate Assessments: Users can produce interview questions and answers to evaluate candidates and set expectations about job requirements upfront, empowering them to make more informed hiring decisions and share more detailed data with hiring managers.

“Ceipal is committed to developing innovative technology that enables users to overcome tomorrow’s challenges in recruiting and talent acquisition today,” said Ceipal Founder and CEO Sameer Penakalapati. “With our ChatGPT integration, users can spend less time on more routine tasks, such as manual sourcing and data entry, and focus more on higher-level initiatives, such as developing and strengthening candidate relationships, that will help grow their business. Our ChatGPT integration represents another example of how we’re providing exceptional user experiences and increasing hiring success.”

Ceipal is the industry’s leader in creating AI technology to help recruiters and talent acquisition professionals improve candidate relationships, significantly streamline search processes, and generate more quality placements. With AI, Cepial users can match and rank candidates and select and optimize search keywords via a single click. Ceipal AI also matches candidates to available jobs, using profile data to predict chances of candidate acceptance.

Ceipal’s ChatGPT integration is now available in its ATS. For more information, please visit the ChatGPT integration page

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