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Wheelchair to Walking Again – an Inspiring Story of a 57-Year-Old Mother

HealthWheelchair to Walking Again - an Inspiring Story of a 57-Year-Old Mother

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Hospital’s skilled team of experts led by Dr. Ashok Sunil Gavaskar, Clinical Lead – Orthopaedics, Head – Joint ReplRela acement Services enabled a 57-year-old Mrs. Valli Ammal to walk again after she suffered severe open injuries in both her legs.

The accident occurred near Coimbatore, where Mrs. Valli Ammal suffered severe open injuries in both her legs, with the lower limb bones and soft tissues completely shattered. Parts of her bones were even found on the road. Rushed to a private hospital in Coimbatore, she underwent first aid and some procedures, but the results were not satisfactory.

Seeking better medical care, Mrs. Valli Ammal and her husband arrived in Chennai for skin grafting and further treatment. It was during this time that they came to know about Dr. Ashok Sunil Gavaskar and his expertise in complex orthopedic procedures. They decided to seek his opinion and hope for a chance at regaining Valli Ammal’s ability to walk.

Dr. Ashok Sunil Gavaskar assessed the situation and assured Mrs.Valli Ammal that although it would be a lengthy process, he could help her walk again after completing the necessary procedures. The journey was tough and required multiple surgeries (around 19 surgeries) over a period of approximately three years. Initially, they focused on healing her right lower limb, successfully eradicating infections and achieving bony union through a combination of bony and soft tissue procedures.

However, the challenge was far from over, as Mrs. Valli Ammal’s left side was in worse condition, compounded by having only one blood vessel supplying the entire lower limb. Dr. Gavaskar and his team, undeterred by the complexity, utilized staged procedures to promote bony union and control the infection in the left limb.

Thanks to the dedication of Dr. Gavaskar and Valli Ammal’s unwavering willpower, her three-year journey culminated in a triumphant success. She can now walk independently, free from any support or aid.

Expressing her gratitude, Valli Ammal says, “From my heart, I have to really say thanks to Dr. Sunil Gavaskar because he is the only person who gave me confidence. I can walk, only because he believed in me. When everyone told me that I won’t be able to walk, I’ll be in a wheelchair, he is the only person who instilled confidence in me.”

Dr. Ashok Sunil Gavaskar said, “It is a story of very strong will and character. Even though we were able to help her along the way by doing what was required, it was a strong will that took her all the way.

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