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Be A Donor Be A Hero; Friends of India Hosts Commemorative Blood Donation Drive in Dubai

WorldBe A Donor Be A Hero; Friends of India Hosts Commemorative Blood Donation Drive in Dubai

Dubai, August 20, 2023 – Friends of India (FOI), a well-known organization dedicated to philanthropic endeavors, orchestrated a blood donation campaign as part of extended celebrations of India’s Independence Day. The event garnered participation from 228 donors representing various Indian states.With a consistent track record since 2006, FOI has been conducting regular blood donation camps in Dubai, operating under the theme “Be A Donor Be A Hero.” These initiatives result in approximately 8 annual blood drives at Latifa Hospital,Dubai . This year’s blood donation event carried added significance due to its alignment with the celebration of India’s Independence Day. The Consulate General of India in Dubai, alongside Mr. Maninder Singh, Vice Consul, extended their support and recognition to FOI’s efforts.

Mr. S. Venkatesh, a representative of FOI, lauded the volunteers and the FOI team for their dedication and participated by donating blood during the event. In the previous year, FOI received commendation from the Dubai Health Authority for its consistent organization of community-focused blood donation camps. This achievement once again underscores the Indian Diaspora’s commitment of to fostering generosity and community involvement, underscoring the collective impact achievable through concerted actions.

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