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ZEISS Group in India Inaugurates India’s First Myopia Centre with S.R. Gopal Rao Opticians

IndiaZEISS Group in India Inaugurates India’s First Myopia Centre with S.R. Gopal Rao Opticians

Business Wire India
ZEISS, a global pioneer of science in optics and optoelectronics, in collaboration with S.R. Gopal Rao Opticians & Optometrists, the veteran optician of Karnataka since the late 19th Century, has launched its first Myopia Centre in India. The Myopia Centre supported by ZEISS, located in the heart of the city, N.R. Road, Bengaluru will cater to the eye care needs of children suffering from vision-related challenges.

S.R. Gopal Rao’s Myopia Centre supported by ZEISS aims to be a hub of excellence in myopia management, offering a holistic approach to understanding, diagnosing, and treating myopia. The Centre will provide a range of specialised services, including comprehensive eye examinations, advanced imaging technologies, personalised myopia management plans and a wide range of spectacle frames tailored to each child’s needs.

Speaking about the collaboration with S.R. Gopal Rao, Mr. Rohan Paul, Business Head, Vision Care, Carl Zeiss India (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are delighted to be associated with S.R. Gopal Rao Opticians and support them on the new initiative of a Myopia Center. The Myopia Center will address an important issue which is the increase in the prevalence of Myopia and associated risks in children. Some studies estimate that by 2050, 50% of the population will be myopic. And increasing Myopia leads to an increased risk of vision conditions in the long term. S.R. Gopal Rao Myopia Center supported by ZEISS will help increase awareness amongst parents around Myopia and at the same time offer solutions that can slow down Myopia progression. ZEISS has 20+ years of experience and innovation in Myopia Management. Our recently launched ZEISS MyoCare lenses, designed to slow down Myopia progression in children, will also be offered in the Myopia Center.”

Commenting on the latest development, Mrs. Meghana Manay, COO S.R. Gopal Rao Opticians & Optometrists said, “This collaboration is a culmination of several years of enhancing vision and improving lives. Partnering with ZEISS is a proud moment, as our shared values drive us to provide the best care possible to children affected by myopia. We have spent several months in research to find the right equipment, and establish the right processes and team for this centre. We are confident that our expert team will not only aim at correcting vision but also be able to slow down the progression of myopia and improve the quality of life for those affected.”

This well-thought establishment from both brands is a result of their commitment to advancing eye care and providing solutions for the growing concern of myopia in India. Further, the S.R. Gopal Rao team, with their extensive experience and profound knowledge, has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of optometry. With a dedication to improving vision and eye health, the brand brings a wealth of expertise to the Myopia Centre.

ZEISS has a comprehensive range of MyoCare lenses which is capable of controlling the Myopia Progression by 55%-60%. ZEISS MyoCare lenses will be available in the S.R Gopal Rao Opticians & Optometrists Myopia Centre, as one of the treatments for children.

Myopia or near-sightedness is a condition in which close objects appear clear but distant objects appear blurry. It is one of the major public health concerns around the world, with a prediction that nearly 50% of the global population will be myopic by 2050. Scientists still don’t know what the exact cause of Myopia is, but It is assumed to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Other factors include prolonged near work, insufficient time outdoors, and family history. Post-COVID-19 period kids have seen more time being spent on digital screens, phones, laptops, and tablets for their school homework. This excessive screen time for a long duration can cause Myopia.

Different types of treatments are available but in today’s time, the best and the easiest methods available are Pharmacological Therapy and special spectacle glasses. These glasses have been available in India since last one year, and when used by children it slows down the progress of powers. In fact, studies suggest that using spectacles can stop the progression of Myopia by 55%-60%. This is how we can control Myopia and tame it.

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