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Empowering Love and Unity: A Heartwarming Independence Day Celebration for Children with Disabilities

UncategorizedEmpowering Love and Unity: A Heartwarming Independence Day Celebration for Children with Disabilities

On the day of August 15, 2023, a symphony of hope and determination echoed through the halls of the HK Rehab Centre,Sharjah UAE, where 45 children with disabilities, embraced by the loving arms of the Neurodevelopmental Therapeutic Centre and World Malayalee Council (WMC) Middle East Region, who united to commemorate India’s Independence Day. HK Rehab is one of the first Neurodevelopmental Therapeutic Centre in the UAE.

The air was charged with emotions as these exceptional children, each embodying an unbreakable spirit, stood together to sing the resonant notes of the national anthem. With unwavering resolve, they lifted the tricolor flag high, a symbol of their strength and unity.The event unfolded with a sweetness that went beyond the distribution of treats. The event also shone light on the remarkable accomplishments of the children with disabilities.Each step they took, every note they sang, and every flag they raised resonated with triumph over challenges and a steadfast determination that defied all odds.

Mr. Vineesh Mohan, President of WMC Middle east expressed his heartfelt sentiments on the inner spirit of the children and articulated how the bond between India and UAE has fostered greater recognition and respect for Indians with disabilities in the UAE, elevating their sense of pride and self-worth.

Other office bearers of WMC Mr. Santosh Kattath, Mr. Rajeev Kumar, Mr. Charles Paul, Mr. Shahul Hameed, CA Biju, Mr Ignatius, Mr KP Vijayan, Mr Jofi, Mr Ajith Kumar, Mr John Sharis, Ms Reshma Raji, Ms Milan Ajith, Ms Anitha Santosh, Ms Soumya Harish, and Ms Tissi John,  attended the event and joined the festivities.The event served as a poignant reminder of India’s rich history and culture, celebrating the synergy between two nations and emphasizing the essential values of inclusion and accessibility for all.

Vinod Kumar
Spl Correspondent PB

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