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Nirva, the Elusive South African Cheetah, Successfully Captured After 22-Day Search Effort in Kuno National Park

UncategorizedNirva, the Elusive South African Cheetah, Successfully Captured After 22-Day Search Effort in Kuno National Park

In an inspiring display of dedication and teamwork, the elusive female South African cheetah named Nirva has finally been captured after a challenging 22-day search operation within the Dhoret range of Kuno National Park. The captivating pursuit began when Nirva’s collar ceased functioning on July 21st, triggering an all-out effort by over 100 field personnel including officers, veterinarians, and experienced cheetah trackers. 

Undeterred by the vast expanse of the park, search teams tirelessly combed through 15-20 square kilometers of terrain daily, with two drone teams, a dog squad, and even elephants joining the endeavor. The nearby villagers were enlisted as allies in the search, sharing information that was promptly verified and acted upon.

A pivotal breakthrough arrived on the morning of August 12th when satellite data pinpointed Nirva’s approximate location from the previous evening. Swiftly mobilizing, the search teams, bolstered by drone surveillance and a vigilant dog squad, managed to spot Nirva in the evening. Despite the encroaching darkness, a strategic decision was made to postpone the capture operation to the following morning.

With meticulous coordination, the sunrise of August 13th saw a renewed determination to bring Nirva safely within their care. The combined efforts of the drone team, dog squad, elephants, field officers, staff, and seasoned veterinarians, under the guidance of senior park officials, culminated in Nirva’s successful capture. 

Nirva, displaying her remarkable health and vitality, has been secured in a boma for a thorough health examination. This triumphant achievement marks not only the successful recovery of a prized member of the park’s cheetah population but also underscores the incredible synergy that emerges when dedicated individuals work together towards a common goal.

Meanwhile, all 15 cheetahs in Kuno National Park, including 7 males, 7 females, and 1 female cub, are thriving within their bomas and are vigilantly monitored by the Kuno Veterinary Team, reinforcing the commitment to safeguarding these majestic creatures and their environment.

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