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Why Modi Avoided Manipur and Remained Silent: Rahul Gandhi’s Explanation

IndiaWhy Modi Avoided Manipur and Remained Silent: Rahul Gandhi's Explanation

During a recent address at the Behtar Bharat Ki Buniyad program in Bangalore, Rahul Gandhi shed light on the puzzling question.

This question has been haunting the nation: Why did Prime Minister Narendra Modi refrain from visiting Manipur or speaking about the grave situation there for several weeks?

According to Rahul Gandhi, the reason lies in the ideological differences between the ruling party and the Congress. He asserted that Modi’s ideology was responsible for the turmoil in Manipur, and this is why he showed no concern for the state’s predicament. Rahul highlighted that any other Prime Minister, particularly one from the Congress, would have personally visited the affected area to address the situation and provide support.

In Rahul’s view, Modi’s actions were influenced by his allegiance to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) rather than being the Prime Minister of the entire nation. He accused Modi of being driven solely by a thirst for power, claiming that he would go to any lengths to retain it.

Furthermore, Rahul Gandhi emphasized that the ruling party’s primary focus was power and control, and they were indifferent to the suffering of people in Manipur or any other part of the country. He opined that the RSS-BJP alliance could not empathize with the pain and distress of ordinary citizens, as their politics revolved around dividing people rather than uniting them.

Rahul urged Congress workers to combat the politics of hatred propagated by the ruling party and promote unity and harmony among all citizens. He criticized Modi’s language and behavior, expressing disappointment in the Prime Minister’s abusive language towards the Opposition alliance named “INDIA.”

In conclusion, Rahul Gandhi highlighted the contrast between the Congress ideology, which aims to empower all and work for the welfare of every citizen, and the RSS-BJP’s approach, seeking control and domination over institutions and resources. He advocated for a united and harmonious India, urging everyone to join the “Bharat Jodo Yatra” in spirit.

He also said:  “Call us whatever you want, Mr. Modi. We are INDIA. We will help heal Manipur and wipe the tears of every woman and child. We will bring back love and peace for all her people. We will rebuild the idea of India in Manipur.”

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