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In Imphal, Manipur, markets closed down as a show of demand for peace

IndiaIn Imphal, Manipur, markets closed down as a show of demand for peace

On July 28th, in Imphal, the main markets remained closed as traders and the business community gathered for a sit-in protest at Thangal Keithel.

The traders and business community are demanding the restoration of peace. The protest, organized by the All Bazar Community and Traders organization, revolved around the theme “Ahimsa (non-violence) Pramo Dharma – Live and let Live,” calling for peace to prevail throughout Manipur. The closure of the major markets had a significant impact on the regular supply of goods.

Meanwhile, in addition to the protests in Imphal, displaced individuals from the border town of Moreh and Churachandpur also took to the streets, urging for peace restoration. In Moreh, incidents of burning and demolishing houses, shops, hotels, and newspaper offices occurred following the eviction of the Meitei populace by another community. Some of those detained for setting houses on fire have since been released. Despite the need for reconstruction, the displaced people expressed their strong desire to return to their homes.

Following the unrest in the Churachandpur district on May 3rd, the government suspended internet services. Now, a decision has been made to restore broadband facilities, albeit with certain restrictions in place. These restrictions include blocking social media platforms, limiting Wi-Fi usage, and implementing the use of static IP addresses. Service providers are currently collecting undertakings from subscribers, and internet services with restrictions are expected to be provided, while mobile internet will remain suspended.

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