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Hundreds hold candlelight vigil in Shillong asking govt to heed to Kuki-Zo demand for separate administration

IndiaHundreds hold candlelight vigil in Shillong asking govt to heed to Kuki-Zo demand for separate administration

Hundreds in Shillong hold a candlelight vigil in solidarity with the Kukis and ask the government of India to heed their demand of the Manipur Kuki-Zo tribe for a separate administration.

On July 23rd, in the town of Shillong, a moving scene unfolded as hundreds of individuals, including students and members of civil society groups, congregated at the revered Don Bosco Square. They gathered for a poignant candle-lit vigil, expressing their unwavering support for the people and victims caught in the midst of the ongoing ethnic conflict in Manipur.

This meaningful candle-lit vigil had been organized by a group of concerned citizens, who passionately voiced their concerns. Among the participants, Juii Haokip stressed that the Government of India must heed the popular demand of the Kuki-Zo people for a separate administration, which stands as the crucial political solution for reinstating harmony in Manipur. Additionally, they insisted on the prompt apprehension of the perpetrators responsible for the violence.

With placards held high and voices united in song, the compassionate crowd resolutely chanted “We shall overcome,” while vehemently condemning the senseless ethnic violence plaguing Manipur. Their heartfelt plea extended to both the central and Manipur governments, urging immediate actions to quell the relentless killings, and violence against women, and restore peace and normalcy to the region.

Alice Ngaipilhing @haokip_alice write:

No more mere spectator, we are-
Against the tyranny of mob!
Against the use of state-sponsored violence!
Against women as weapons of war!
No to communal fascism
No to ethnic sectarianism!

The situation in Manipur was likened to a “civil war” by social activist Angela Rangad, who emphasized that the violence had been fueled by those in positions of power, intent on propagating hatred and unrest. In a compelling appeal, Rangad urged both the Meitei and Kuki-Zo communities to refrain from blaming one another and instead focus on holding accountable the authorities at the state and central levels, as well as the alleged divisive groups responsible for instigating the violence and animosity in Manipur.

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