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URGENT appeal submitted by women of Northeast to President of India, Droupadi Murmu

IndiaURGENT appeal submitted by women of Northeast to President of India, Droupadi Murmu

An URGENT appeal is submitted by the women of Northeast to the President of India regarding the sexual assaults on the tribal Kuki minority women of Manipur.

The letter reads as following:

Dear all,

This is an URGENT appeal being submitted by the women of Northeast to the President of India regarding the sexual assaults on the tribal Kuki minority women of Manipur. Your solidarity counts and so we ask you to please share widely among your networks nationally and globally.

Endorse here

An URGENT Plea from the Women of Northeast to STOP the violence in Manipur

We, Women of the Northeast Call for Solidarity and Swift Action to stop the violence in Manipur.

While WE the WOMEN of NORTHEAST draw strength and courage from several individuals, women’s groups, civil society organisations, and human rights groups across India and the World, our blood boils with rage, and our souls continue to ache as we see our daughters, mothers, sisters, children, and men fighting an evil force that has been unleashed in our region in the state of Manipur.

MANIPUR comes to light again, over the video going viral of 3 ( 2 of whom were visible) young women victims being paraded naked and one gang-raped

“They were brutally stripped of their dignity and right to life, but WE shall continue to fight for their basic human rights, and their voices and dreams to live through us, in the hope that no other woman or girl in this country will have to face such unimaginable violence meted upon them and this is happening in Manipur, in a region tucked away but very much in our country that we call India”

It is now over 75 days of ongoing ethnic conflict between the majority Meiti group and tribal Kuki minority, where reports show over 110 confirmed deaths, 197 villages burnt, 70, 000 + houses burnt, 359 churches and quarters burnt and more than 41 thousand persons displaced. But it is the exposure of this uncensored video that got politicians, police, media and others to consider this as too URGENT a cause to be left unnoticed and are now highlighting cases of murder and rapes that have been going on for the last 3 months. Is this what we call the India of today, where citizens feel unprotected, Northeast concerns are left out of mainstream media and the ethnic conflict in Manipur is being politicised?

Accountability of State and Centre:

The refusal of the State and Centre to intervene to resolve and stop the violence immediately allowed the armed mobs to have a free reign over law and order in Manipur. This unleashed more chaos and inflicted violence in the form of rapes, murders and burning of houses and belongings of the vulnerable smaller Kuki-Zo tribes. As the violence progressed, Kuki-Zos increasingly were forced to believe that the efforts to annihilate physical and cultural evidence of the targeted group in the territory through the destruction of their homes, property and infrastructure, as well as through the desecration of places of worship were taking place with impunity.

Various Commissions:

There is no dearth of commissions in the country, be it the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), National Commission for Scheduled Tribes or more specifically the National Commission for Women (NCW) which is expected to address such matters of grave concern and yet women of Manipur feel let down and wondering when NCW would step in. The Justice Verma Commission was constituted to recommend amendments to the Criminal Law to provide for quicker trial and enhanced punishment for criminals accused of committing sexual assault against women submitted on 23.01.2013, which is also being ignored, just like the situation in Manipur. We also recognise that the members of these committees are appointed by the ruling government and their role today has been minimised and compromised which gives us little hope.

Violence against the vulnerable:

Incidences of violence inflicted against the most vulnerable communities including the tribals have been witnessed in many parts of the country. Worst affected during such conflicts and the present violence against the Kuki-Zo tribes in Manipur has been no exception, also the worst in terms of its duration, barbaric acts like chopping off heads, parading naked women and sexually abusing and humiliating them publicly before gang-raping and the degree of complicity of the authority that is in the violence meted out to the tribals. This has shocked the nation and has left our people outraged.

But the Voices of our People shall not rest until our demands are met. We demand;

Immediate dismissal of the Chief Minister

Supreme Court to appoint a special investigation Team (SIT) and monitor closely
Political action to reassure the people of Manipur, especially the victims that normalcy shall be restored
Fast-track courts to follow up on cases
Justice for victims who have been subject to all forms of violence but reminding ourselves that many cases have gone unreported
Appointment of a judicial commission to oversee incidents of violence across Manipur
Swift and better relief and reparations for the victims of the conflict

We the women from the Northeast are filled with anguish and despair BUT are committed to fighting this injustice, till truth and justice prevail and triumph.

We are also appealing to all conscious citizens of our country, and civil society organisations to endorse this statement and join in the movement for change and transformation.

We appeal to you Honourable Madam President, to address this matter URGENTLY using your high office, and restoring our faith in our country’s constitution that guarantees dignity towards all peoples, especially women and girls in the Northeast.


World Kuki – Zo Women Group
Kuki -Zo Women Forum, Delhi & NCR
Ibadhari Lyngrah, YWCA National Vice President – North East Region
Mizoram Presbyterian Kohhran Hmeichhe Inkhawmpui Lian (Mizoram Presbyterian Women Assembly)
Kuki Women Society, Shillong
Rosalynn Lalawmpuii
Neingneithem Kipgen (Barclays Bank – Senior Analyst)
Rebecca Lalrinmawii Colney
Dr. Lalhmingmawii Gangte (Asst. Professor, Jamia Milia Islamia)
Boiy N. Chongloi (Nursing Officer, NEIGRIHMS, Shillong)
Moy Khongsai
Lamjahol Touthang
Kimhoihching Tonsing
CyCy Guite
Lhingneithiem Haokip
Chinneo Haokip
Chinngai Lovely Kipgen
Chinhoineng Haokip
Nengboi Khongsai
Kelly Lalruatpuii
Vanlalchhuani Khithie
Neingneithem Lucy Sitlhou
Vaineichong Haokip
Chongpi V.Haokip
Pricilla Haokip
Kimcha Chongloi
Sharon Touthang
Boinu Haokip
Lily Lhungdim
Chawite Duhlian
Mary Chingtuldim Zou
Lily Touthang
Lhingneivah Lupheng
Rosalynn Haokip
Nem Changsen
Elaine Chinrimoi Haokip
Lhingboi Haokip
Phalpichong Hangshing
Thethem Khongsai
Lhingchonghoi Haokip
Vunghauniang Tungnung
Grace Tingboi Khsai
Chichin Lhungdim
Thiemboi Misao
Kikim Haokip
Irene Misao
Chochong Lhungdim
Nunhoih Ngaihte
Margaret Touthang
Neneo Chingloi
Chongboi Gangtea

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