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Trinamool Congress paid heartfelt tribute to 13 brave martyrs

IndiaTrinamool Congress paid heartfelt tribute to 13 brave martyrs

On Friday, the Trinamool Congress paid a heartfelt tribute to 13 brave martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice while protesting to safeguard democratic rights.

Through a Twitter post, the party commemorated the fearless martyrs who, thirty years ago in 1993, laid down their lives while championing the ethos of DEMOCRACY.

“We honor their supreme sacrifice and valor today. Their struggles, ideals, and unwavering courage shall remain a beacon of inspiration for generations to come,” expressed the TMC. The party took an unwavering pledge to continue protecting the rights of the people and raising its voice against oppressive forces.

“The legacy of these Bravehearts will endure forever. Their indomitable spirit, courage, and struggles will continue to inspire us,” the party declared. Trinamool Congress National General Secretary, Abhishek Banerjee, also paid homage to their valiant sacrifice.

In a tweet on #ShahidDibas (Martyrs’ Day), he said, “Today, we pay tribute to their fearless sacrifice, a day that evokes countless emotions in our hearts. Bengal today honors the 13 gallant martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the fight against tyranny while upholding democratic values.”

“Inspired by their bravery, I shall persist in working towards building a just society,” Banerjee concluded.

The 21 July Martyr’s Day Rally

The 21 July Martyr’s Day Rally is an annual large-scale gathering arranged by the West Bengal division of the Indian National Congress and subsequently the Trinamool Congress, with the purpose of commemorating the 1993 Kolkata firing, known as Martyrs’ Day.

This event is held in memory of 13 individuals who were tragically shot by the West Bengal Police in Kolkata during a rally organized by the West Bengal Youth Congress under the leadership of Mamata Bandopadhyay on 21 July 1993. The rally was an effort to demand that the Voter’s Identity Card be recognized as the sole required document for voting.

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