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TMC early lead with 12,518 seats winning in 3,620 seats, counting still on

PoliticsTMC early lead with 12,518 seats winning in 3,620 seats, counting still on

The counting of votes for the West Bengal Panchayat Election 2023 is on, with the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) taking a strong lead across the state in the early trends.

The counting process began at 8 am and is expected to continue for the next two days. There are around 339 counting venues spread across 22 districts, manned by armed state police personnel and central forces.

Prohibitory orders have been imposed outside the counting venues under Section 144 of CrPC to maintain law and order. There are a total of 767 strongrooms across the districts. Supporters of various candidates have gathered at the counting centers to ensure a fair and accurate counting process.

The elections have been marred by violence, with 42 people reported dead and incidents of vandalism and ballot tampering.

A high voter turnout was recorded on Saturday, and repolling was conducted on Monday in 696 booths where violence and tampering were reported. The decision for repolling was made to address the issues raised and ensure a fair electoral process.

As per the latest declarations by the State Election Commission, the TMC has won in 12,518 gram panchayat seats and is leading in 3,620 seats. The BJP has won in 2,781 seats and is leading in 915 seats out of a total of 63,229 seats. The Left Front has won in 959 seats, with the CPI(M) winning 910 seats. The Congress has won 625 seats and is leading in 276.

The Calcutta High Court chided the WB State Election Commission asking them, “Why couldn’t you control the law and order situation? Do you know, our Registrar has received over 50 emails highlighting the issue of violence and [malpractise]…One is blaming the other. The other is blaming someone else. What is the point of us passing so many orders then?”

The Court called for reports on the scale of alleged violence during polling on July 8. It also directed the WB State Government to file a report regarding the fatalities and injuries that took place on polling day.

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