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Huma Qureshi’s voice amid the different reactions to Uniform Civil Code

IndiaHuma Qureshi's voice amid the different reactions to Uniform Civil Code

Actor Huma Qureshi spoke about her identity as a Muslim amid different reactions to the Uniform Civil Code, the law seemingly stirring unease.

Huma Qureshi said, ‘I never realized I am Muslim and I am different, my father is running a restaurant Saleem’s for 50 years”

She also said, “As a Muslim, I did not face discrimination in Bollywood and termed Bollywood as a ‘very’ safe place.” She expressed that she has never personally felt that being a Muslim makes her different.  She mentioned that people around her might have experienced such feelings, but she hasn’t personally encountered them.

Huma Qureshi did emphasize the importance of asking questions and holding governments accountable and expressed the belief that governments should provide answers to address concerns related to identity and religious differences.

Reactions from Prominent Clerics

On the other end, there are reactions from prominent Muslim religious leaders to the Law Commission’s call for views on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). They issued a public appeal to members of the Muslim community, urging them to register their opposition to the Uniform Civil Code.

The Law Commission had sought views on the UCC from various stakeholders, including religious organizations and the public, within a 30-day period starting from June 14.

The clerics reiterated their opposition to the UCC in a joint statement, stating that there is a consensus among the Muslim community regarding the authority of Muslim personal law, which is derived from the Quran.

The statement follows the submission of a representation by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) to the Law Commission, opposing any changes to Muslim personal law. The AIMPLB stated that Islamic law’s injunctions are binding and non-negotiable for followers of Islam.

If the laws of the Uniform Civil Code contradict the Quran, it could provoke ramifications as certain clerics indicate.

A Viral Video

A contrary opinion emerges with a viral video hitting Twitter with a Muslim cleric proclaiming gustily, “We are Indian First Muslim later. our constitution first Kuran later.”  All these different reactions are stirring unease.

The Uniform Civil Code is a complex and debated topic in India, and there are differing opinions among various groups and individuals regarding its implementation and implications.  Many feel this is being implemented before the 2024 elections by the BJP to secure their lot for the next governance.

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