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BJP not ‘inclusive’, they don’t embrace everyone: Rahul Gandhi

IndiaBJP not 'inclusive', they don't embrace everyone: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi criticised the BJP for engaging in divisive politics

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi criticised the BJP for engaging in divisive politics and emphasised that the saffron party lacks inclusivity by not embracing all individuals. He further stated that such actions are detrimental to the country.

During his media interaction at the National Press Club in Washington DC, USA, Rahul Gandhi expressed, “The BJP fosters animosity within society and promotes polarisation. Their approach is exclusive, as they fail to embrace the entire populace and instead create divisions within society.”

He continued, “In my opinion, this is detrimental to our nation. India has always had a tradition of fostering dialogue and inclusiveness. Our great leaders, both spiritual and political figures such as Mahatma Gandhi and Buddha, have always promoted harmony, peace, and open conversation.

It is deeply ingrained in our culture and history to unite people and engage in dialogue.”

Highlighting the ideological contrast between the Congress and the BJP, Rahul Gandhi stated, “We believe in granting India the freedom to express itself. Protecting fundamental values is of utmost importance to us.

We are committed to ensuring equal space and expression for all individuals. These principles are non-negotiable to us, and we persistently fight for them, regardless of the challenges we face.”

Regarding opposition unity, Rahul Gandhi expressed his confidence in the growing unity among opposition parties. He affirmed, “The opposition is becoming increasingly united, and we are engaging in conversations with all opposition parties. I am certain that this unity will prevail.”

He also expressed optimism about the performance of the Congress in the upcoming elections, stating, “The Congress party will fare exceptionally well in the next election and will surprise the people. There is an undercurrent gaining momentum against the ruling BJP.”

Rahul Gandhi recalled his ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra,’ during which he traveled across India, speaking directly to millions of people. He observed concerns among the population, including rising unemployment and inflation, leading to a sense of discontent.

Referring to his disqualification as a member of the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi remarked, “I hold the distinction of being the first person in Indian history since 1947 to receive the severest punishment for defamation on the first offense. This happened immediately after my speech in Parliament regarding Adani.

It sheds light on the current state of affairs in India.” He referred to his speech in the Lok Sabha, where he accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of favorings specific industrialists, including Gautam Adani, a billionaire businessman.

Rahul Gandhi highlighted the allegations made by the Hindenburg Research Report on the Adani Group, accusing them of engaging in stock manipulation and accounting fraud over an extended period. The Congress party has been leading the opposition’s demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee investigation into the Adani issue.

Regarding the India-China border issue, Rahul Gandhi asserted, “It is an accepted fact that China has occupied our territory, amounting to 1,500 sq. km, which is completely unacceptable. However, Prime Minister Modi seems to have a different perspective. Perhaps he possesses information that is unknown to us.”

Previously, the Congress party stated in a press release, “PM Modi’s exoneration of China in 2020 proved to be very dangerous for us. His silence regarding the 1,500 sq km of Indian territory under China’s control since 2020 reflects his utter failure in ensuring national security.”

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