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‘PM Modi thinks he knows more than ‘: Rahul Gandhi

India'PM Modi thinks he knows more than ': Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi intensified his criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi intensified his criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by suggesting that there is a faction of individuals who believe they possess superior knowledge, even surpassing that of “God” himself, and he considers the Prime Minister to be a prime example of this mindset.

“In India, there exists a group of people who firmly believe they possess absolute knowledge. They seem to think that they may even surpass the wisdom of God. Our Prime Minister is an embodiment of such a mentality,” Rahul stated during his address to the Indian diaspora in San Francisco, United States, on Tuesday.

Continuing his attack on the Prime Minister, Rahul further remarked, “If you were to place Modi ji next to God, he would likely attempt to explain to God how the ‘universe’ functions. These are the dynamics at play.”

He added, “There are individuals who consider themselves all-knowing. They assert their ability to instruct scientists on matters of science, enlighten historians on historical events, and educate the Army on warfare. However, at the core of their beliefs lies mediocrity. In reality, they understand nothing.”

Rahul highlighted the reasons behind his ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ (Unite India Journey), stating, “The instruments necessary for political action in India were under the control of the BJP-RSS. People were intimidated, cases were filed against them, and agencies were manipulated. It had become increasingly challenging to engage in political activities. Therefore, we made the decision to embark on a journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.”

Led by the former president of the party, the Yatra commenced in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, in September of the previous year, traversed multiple states, including Karnataka, and concluded in Jammu and Kashmir in January. The party described it as their “most impactful mass contact program.”

“The government attempted every possible measure to halt the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. They employed all their resources to suppress the Yatra, including the use of law enforcement. However, their efforts were in vain, and the Yatra gained even greater momentum,” he affirmed.

Rahul emphasized that the most valuable lesson he learned from the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ is that there is something to learn from everyone.

“You cannot extinguish hatred with more hatred. Hatred can only be eradicated through love and affection. The Indian people do not believe in hating one another. Unfortunately, a small group of individuals who control the system are fueling the flames of animosity,” Rahul criticized the ruling dispensation.

He further added, “The number of people who believe in love and affection exceeds those who promote hatred. We must confront and counteract it with affection.”

Responding to a question, the Congress leader affirmed, “We are committed to passing the Women’s Reservation Bill. We intended to pass it during the previous government (UPA), but some of our allies were not fully supportive. Nevertheless, I am confident that when we come to power in 2024, we will successfully pass the Bill.”

He expressed his belief that empowering women through their inclusion in the political system, businesses, and governance is the pathway to providing them with true authority.

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