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BJP getting majority, so no post-poll alliance with JDS: BSY

PoliticsBJP getting majority, so no post-poll alliance with JDS: BSY

On Wednesday, former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa expressed his confidence that the BJP would form a government with an absolute majority in the state. Therefore, there is no possibility of forming a post-poll alliance with JDS in the event of a hung verdict in the Karnataka assembly election.

Yediyurappa stated that the BJP’s absolute majority is a result of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s programmes and the development that has taken place in the state, including irrigation works.

Yediyurappa’s son, BY Vijayendra, who is contesting his first election, also agreed that there would be no post-poll alliance with JDS as the people of Karnataka are tired of a hung assemblyThe BJP is targeting 140-plus seats and hopes to cross the 130 mark.

Yediyurappa dismissed Congress’s complaints about PM Modi’s video appealing to voters to exercise their franchise on the eve of polling, stating that Congress knows that they are losing the election.

Vijayendra expressed confidence that the people of Karnataka would bless the BJP with an absolute majority because they appreciate PM Modi’s governance at the centre and the pro-people’s schemes implemented by the state government. The voting for the 224-member assembly began at 7 am.

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