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Indians now second largest group after Albanians arriving in UK illegally by boats

EuropeIndians now second largest group after Albanians arriving in UK illegally by boats

According to a recent report, encouraged by the UK’s fresh job opportunities, Indians have overtaken Albanians to illegally enter the UK.

Indians have now become the second largest migrant group in the UK after the Albanians, crossing the English Channel according to a report released by the UK Home Office. The number of Indians entering the UK in the first three months of 2023 surged, apparently lured by good job opportunities in the UK and the dearth of jobs in India.

There were 250 Indian migrants crossing the Channel in small boats just in January, while the total was 675 over the months of January to March.

Last year, the number was 683 during the entire year.  In this surge, Indians make up one-fifth of the 1,180 migrants attempting to enter the UK through the English Channel this year.

Serbia’s visa-free travel rules for Indians are considered to be one of the main reasons to cause this spike in Indian migrants entering the UK as well as attracted by the job opportunities in the UK.  According to the Home Office, the new Serbian rules provide a getaway for them into Europe. Until last December, all Indian passport holders were allowed to enter Serbia for up to 30 days without a visa.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that the migrant issue is one of his top priorities. The UK government is clamping down on illegal workers to ensure that people adequately contribute to the country’s economy by filing taxes and other regulations.

Indians back home are irked by this entry into the United Kingdom as many immigrants are from Gujarat, Punjab, and Delhi clearly revealing that all is not well in India to cause them “to flee.

On Twitter, a netizen tweeted sarcastically:  “Maximum Indians from Gujarat Punjab, and Delhi and leaving Modi”s #AmritKaal taking small boats to enter the UK illegally …Proud Moment.  Aur dekhoge..Wait.  Specially from Gujarat. Recent report shows that as many as fifty gujarati illegal migrants rescued from US Mexico border in chilling winter. Amritkaal.” (sic)

Illegal immigration is an elaborate issue, influenced by a range of factors such as financial opportunities, political instability, and social unrest. Apparently, the state of joblessness in India presently is tremendous, noted to be the worst in 45 years.

The UK, like many other countries, faces complex challenges related to immigration, and addressing these challenges requires a thoughtful and well-informed approach.

The UK government has taken up many measures to stop illegal immigration, including:

  1. Immigration Enforcement Teams: The government has set up dedicated teams to enforce immigration laws, detect illegal immigrants, and remove them from the country.
  2. Tougher Penalties: The government has increased the penalties for illegal immigration and for those who employ or rent to illegal immigrants.
  3. Biometric Residence Permits: The government has introduced biometric residence permits for foreign nationals, which contain personal information and biometric data such as fingerprints, to make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to stay in the country undetected.
  4. Immigration Checks: The government has made it mandatory for employers, landlords, and banks to carry out immigration checks on potential employees, tenants, and customers to prevent illegal immigrants from accessing services.
  5. Tougher Border Controls: The government has invested in new technologies to improve border security and prevent illegal immigration, including facial recognition technology and biometric scanners.
  6. Deportations: The government has increased the number of deportations of illegal immigrants, including those who have committed serious crimes.
  7. UK Points-Based System: The government has introduced a points-based system for immigration, which assesses the skills and qualifications of potential immigrants before they are granted permission to enter the country.

These measures are designed to make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to enter and stay in the UK. While there is ongoing debate about the effectiveness of these measures, the government continues to focus on enforcing immigration laws and preventing illegal immigration.

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