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What were the reasons making Sharad Pawar take back his resignation?

IndiaWhat were the reasons making Sharad Pawar take back his resignation?

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) supremo Sharad Pawar on Friday, 5 May withdrew his resignation, and here could be the reasons why.

Sharad Pawar withdrew his resignation from the post of party president after a committee of senior party leaders passed a resolution to reject it.

“My supporters and voters have been with me for so many years, so I cannot reject their sentiments. I am moved by the love and the trust in me. I am revoking my decision to retire from the post,” Sharad Pawar said in a statement to the media.

According to speculations and media reports, there were several factors that led to Pawar’s decision to withdraw his resignation. Firstly, there was a sense of uncertainty within the NCP after Pawar’s resignation, and several party leaders and workers were worried about the future of the party.

Secondly, there were also reports that Pawar’s resignation was a strategic move aimed at creating a rift within the ruling coalition in Maharashtra. The NCP is part of the ruling coalition in the state, along with the Shiv Sena and the Congress party. Some analysts believed that Pawar’s resignation was an attempt to create a rift within the coalition and bag more bargaining power.

Thirdly, there were also concerns about the upcoming state elections in Maharashtra, where the NCP is a main player. The party leaders reportedly suggested that Pawar’s leadership was important for the NCP’s success in the state elections.

After discussions and several meetings with party leaders and workers, Sharad Pawar ultimately decided to withdraw his resignation and continue to lead the NCP.

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