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Another building collapses in Delhi, building collapses, it’s a serious issue that needs action urgently

IndiaAnother building collapses in Delhi, building collapses, it's a serious issue that needs action urgently

Now, another building collapses in Delhi and building collapses in India have been a recurrent problem for decades and is a serious issue that needs to be addressed urgently.

According to the Delhi Fire Service, a building collapsed in Kunwar Singh Nagar, located on Nangloi Road, due to an LPG cylinder blast.

The mishap resulted in at least eight people being injured. The injured individuals were taken to the hospital for treatment with the assistance of public and police PCR personnel. The fire department received a call about the collapsed house at 5:15 a.m.

The Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, described both incidents as tragic and stated that the district administrations in both areas are working on relief and rescue operations. Kejriwal also expressed his concern and prayers for everyone’s well-being.

Meanwhile, in another incident, a three-storey house collapsed in the national capital’s Tagore Garden area on Sunday night. Following the incident, three fire tenders rushed to the spot. The building was located opposite Metro Pillar no 448.

The fire department informed the collapsed building that the basement has ground plus three floors. It further revealed that the mishap was caused due to digging activity in the adjacent plot’s basement but added that no casualties were reported.

Building collapses in India have been a recurrent concern for decades and need urgent action

Building collapses in India have been a recurrent problem for decades. The country’s rapid urbanization, along with a lack of proper building regulations, poor construction quality, and weak enforcement mechanisms, has resulted in many such tragic incidents. Building collapses often lead to loss of life, injuries, and displacement of families.

One of the major causes of building collapses in India is the use of substandard building materials and poor construction practices. In many cases, builders use low-quality cement, bricks, and steel, which cannot withstand the weight of the building. Moreover, they often cut corners on safety measures such as reinforcement, waterproofing, and electrical wiring, leading to structural weaknesses and eventual collapses.

Another factor contributing to building collapses in India is the country’s weak regulatory system. Building codes and safety regulations are frequently not enforced, leading to a lack of accountability among builders and contractors. Additionally, many buildings are constructed on land that is not suitable for construction, such as areas prone to landslides or flooding, resulting in instability.

Overcrowding is also a major issue, especially in cities. Many buildings are designed to accommodate only a few families but are often overcrowded, putting an immense strain on the building’s structural integrity. Furthermore, many buildings are constructed without proper permits or approvals, making it difficult to track the safety of the building.

Several high-profile building collapses have occurred in India over the years, resulting in significant loss of life and property. In 2013, an eight-story building in Mumbai collapsed, killing 60 people and injuring over a hundred. In 2017, a five-story building in Mumbai collapsed, killing 17 people. In 2021, an apartment complex in Mumbai collapsed, killing 12 people.

In conclusion, building collapses in India is a significant issue that needs to be addressed urgently. There is a need for stricter enforcement of building codes and regulations, as well as improved construction practices and the use of high-quality building materials. The government must take prompt measures to prevent further loss of life and property due to building collapses.

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