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Are UFOs real? American probes over 500 UFO sightings

US President Joe Biden has been urged to stop covering up evidence of UFOs because he too is a believer in UFOs.

US President Joe Biden has been urged to stop covering up evidence of unidentified flying objects, (UFOs). The plea has come from US Congressman Tim Burchett, who claims that governments around the world have made a concerted effort to hide the existence of aliens from the general public.

Speaking to ‘News Nation’, he added: “I have been a believer in the phenomena for a long time. I’m a Christian. I read my Bible. The first chapter of Ezekiel is pretty clear about a UFO sighting. “It’s written from the King James version. It’s translated from earlier words.”

In the 1960s and 70s, UFO sightings were frequent in the lonely American country sides with dozens of stories shared and some have even claimed to be kidnapped.

Scientists and skeptic organizations such as the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry have provided mundane explanations for a large number of claimed UFOs being caused by natural phenomena, human technology, delusions, or hoaxes. Small but vocal groups of ufologists favor unconventional, pseudoscientific hypotheses, often claiming that UFOs are evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Beliefs surrounding UFOs have inspired parts of new religions.

While unusual sightings have been reported in the sky throughout history, UFOs became culturally recognized after World War II, escalating during the Space Age. The 20th century saw studies and investigations into UFO reports conducted by governments (such as Projects Grudge and Sign in the United States, and Project Condign in the United Kingdom), as well as by organizations and individuals.

There are two theories about UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects: One, we are not alone in this universe and second, we are alone in this universe and both are eerie, to be or not to be is the question.

People who advocate the theory are thought to be dabbling with science fiction and generally not taken too seriously.  However, is that perception changing, and is the world getting more caught up with the extraterrestrial realm now?  The new generation of children are caught up with the idea of aliens hovering over the Earth.

Matt Sweetwood tweeted:  Can someone tell me what I saw in the night sky? It was a bright orange bar and when I cleared the trees to get a clear view, this is what I saw… #UFOSightings

The United States is probing 510 UFO sightings. According to a declassified intelligence report, the majority of the UFOs posed a threat to US national security, as they were in military airspace. And although there isn’t any evidence of actual alien life, the government still thinks UFOs are a threat.

Some Famous Sightings of UFOs


Pre-historic rock cave paintings related to Hinduism found at Charama, Kanker Chhattisgarh state depict human figures wearing suits similar to modern-day space suits and drawings similar to flying saucers, each with a fan-like antenna and three legs.

1951:  On 15 March, 10:20 a.m. in New Delhi, members of a flying club saw a cigar-shaped object in the sky about one hundred feet long. The UFO hovered for some time and then vanished from sight.

2004:  On September 24, a team of scientists in Samudra Tapu saw a white object resembling a “snowman” on top of an adjacent mountain ridge at around 6:45 a.m. India Today speculated the UFO could be “a spy drone from across the border” or “a weather balloon”.
2007:  On October 29, a swiftly moving object was spotted at 30° in the eastern horizon at Eastern Kolkata between 3:30 and 6:30 am and was filmed using a video camera. Its shape transformed from a sphere to a triangle and then to a straight line. The object emitted a bright light forming a halo and radiating a range of colors. It was spotted by locals and hundreds gathered along the E.M. Bypass to catch a glimpse of the UFO, triggering a frenzy. The video footage was released on a TV News channel and later shown to Dr. D P Duari, the director of MP Birla Planetarium, Kolkata, who found it to be “extremely interesting and strange”. Duari later identified the object as be the Planet Venus.

2013:  Residents of Mogappiar, Chennai observed five specks of bright orange light moving from south to north around 8.55 pm on 20 June which was later reported in the local newspaper on 23 June.
On 4 August, soldiers of the Indian Army observed unidentified flying objects over Lagan Kher Area, Demchock, Ladakh. It was also reported that army troops had observed more than a hundred different incidents of UFO movements in the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh in the preceding seven months.
2014:  A series of pictures of the sunset over the Rajajipuram area of Lucknow on 23 July claimed to show a UFO.
A commercial pilot reportedly informed Mumbai Air Traffic Control room that she spotted a black and blueish UFO near Pune during the first week of October at a height of about 26,300 feet.
A photograph published by the news media claimed to show a “nail-shaped” UFO over Kochi in the southern Indian state of Kerala on 29 October.
2015:  In Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, a local resident said he had taken a photo of a large UFO.
In June, a boy from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh reportedly captured a flying saucer in his father’s phone while clicking photos of clouds.
2021:  In January, some local residents from Ludhiana, Punjab claimed that they saw an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the sky.  A similar incident occurred in December also.

The Rendlesham Forest incident was a series of reported sightings of unexplained lights near Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England in late December 1980 which became linked with claims of UFO landings.

The most notable cases of UFO sightings in France include:

The Valensole UFO incident in 1965.
The Trans-en-Provence Case in 1981.

A Roswell Daily Record on July 8, 1947, reported a UFO case

United States
In the Kecksburg UFO incident, in Pennsylvania (1965), residents reported seeing an object crash in the area.
In 1975, Travis Walton proclaimed he was abducted by aliens. The movie Fire in the Sky (1993) was based on this event but greatly exaggerated the original account.
The “Phoenix Lights” on March 13, 1997
Astronomer reports

The USAF’s Project Blue Book files indicate that approximately 1% of all unknown reports came from amateur and professional astronomers or other telescope users (such as missile trackers or surveyors).

In 1952, astronomer J. Allen Hynek, then a consultant to Blue Book, conducted a small survey of 45 fellow professional astronomers. Five reported UFO sightings (about 11%). In the 1970s, astrophysicist Peter A. Sturrock conducted two large surveys of the AIAA and the American Astronomical Society (AAS). About 5% of the members polled indicated that they had had UFO sightings.

Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, who saw six UFOs, including three green fireballs, supported the extraterrestrial hypothesis for UFOs and said scientists who dismissed it without study were “unscientific”. Another astronomer, Lincoln LaPaz, headed the United States Air Force’s investigation into green fireballs and other UFO phenomena in New Mexico. LaPaz reported two personal sightings, of a green fireball and a disc. (Both Tombaugh and LaPaz were part of Hynek’s 1952 survey.) Hynek took two photos through the window of a commercial airliner of a disc that seemed to keep pace with his aircraft.

The Rendlesham pyramid during its “explosion”.
Astronomer Andrew Fraknoi rejected the hypothesis that UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft and responded to the “onslaught of credulous coverage” in books, films, and entertainment by teaching his students to apply critical thinking to such claims, advising them that “being a good scientist is not unlike being a good detective”.

In a 1980 survey of 1800 members of amateur astronomer associations by Gert Helb and Hynek for CUFOS, 24% responded “yes” to the question “Have you ever observed an object which resisted your most exhaustive efforts at identification?

On a lighter note, why are we not seeing as many UFOs as before?

People are looking down nowadays, never up!  Perhaps that is why we don’t see UFOs in the earlier days!


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