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Ayushi Yadav murdered by parents and arrested on Monday

IndiaAyushi Yadav murdered by parents and arrested on Monday

A man and his wife were arrested on Monday for killing their 22-year-old daughter Ayushi Yadav and dumping her body in a trolley bag.

The Yadavs were arrested for murdering their daughter Ayushi Yadav.  The body of a 22-year-old girl was found in the Raya area of Mathura district here in Uttar Pradesh, a police spokesman said here. The spokesman said that the body of a girl in a trolley bag was recovered near Agriculture Research Center from the bushes on the service road on Yamuna Expressway from Noida to Agra on November 18.

“The body was later identified as that of Ayushi Yadav, a resident of Badarpur in Delhi,” he said. The spokesman said that on Sunday the victim’s mother Brijbala and brother Ayush identified the body as that of Ayushi and gave a written complaint at the Raya police station.

“During the investigation, it was revealed that Ayushi was killed by her parents. When detained Ayushi’s father Nitesh and mother Brijbala revealed that she was a student of BCA final year at DGIT Janakpuri,” he said.

The spokesman said that the accused told the police that Ayushi used to leave home without informing anyone and her parents were worried that it might bring disrespect to their family.

“On November 17 Ayushi had a dispute with her parents after which her father Nitesh along with her mother Brijbala shot her dead with a licensed .32 bore revolver,” he said. He said that the accused packed the body in transparent polythene and hid it in a trolley bag at their home.

“On November 18 they threw the trolley bag near the research center after crossing the toll plaza and returned back to Delhi,” he said. The spokesman said that the revolver, the car, and Ayushi’s phone has been recovered from the possession of the accused.

Nitesh and Brijbala Yadav in a false sense of “protecting” their family honor murdered Ayushi Yadav bringing worse dishonor and shame to their family name.

Crimes Against Women Increasing

The recent murders of Shraddha, Shirpra, and now Ayushi in just one month are shocking. Attacks and brutality against women and girls are increasing.  Acts such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, and murder are on the rise. In order to be considered violence against women, the act must be committed solely because the victim is female. Most typically, these acts are committed by men as a result of the long-standing gender inequalities present in the country.

It is actually more present than it may appear at first glance, as many expressions of violence are not considered crimes, or may otherwise go unreported or undocumented due to certain Indian cultural values and beliefs. Many women consent to their husbands beating them looking it at as justified. India’s Gender Gap Index rating was 0.629 in 2022 with 135 ranked out of 146 countries. The term honor killing is a dangerous word because it seeks to normalize killing daughters to “protect” their honor.

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