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Misleading podcast of Musk firing Vijaya Gadde on air

North AmericaMisleading podcast of Musk firing Vijaya Gadde on air

A video going viral of Elon Musk firing Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s head of censorship, on-air is deceptive and from a 2019 video.

The Logical Indian did a fact check on this piece of news about Elon Musk “firing” Vijaya Gadde on-air, streaming through the Internet is really the work of fake news workers.

Here is the fake video shared by Damon Imami where Vijaya Gadde looks flabbergasted and stumbling as Elon Musk coolly and coldly announced that “failure comes with a big penalty, you’re fired”

Here is the original video

How did The Logical Indian find out

The Logical Indian used InVid’s Keyframe analysis tool to break down the viral video into its keyframes. It led them to the original source of the viral video which was shared by American podcaster Joe Rogan’s podcast, live streamed on YouTube on March 6, 2019.

In this video, show host Joe Rogan, Vijaya, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and political commentator Tim Poole can be seen. At 26 minutes and 20 seconds of timestamp, one can see Vijaya mentioning the same statement as seen in the viral video.

According to it, she was answering a question related to the violation of Twitter’s rules. She says, “I do think we’ve failed in a couple of ways and I want to admit that…we haven’t done enough education about our rules, there are lots of people who violated the rule and many of them not even know it…”

The Logical Indian watched the whole video, however, did not see Elon Musk anywhere in the podcast. It suggests that Elon Musk’s statement was taken from somewhere else.

It is now evident that the viral claim of Musk firing Vijaya Gadde during a live show is deceitful. The viral video is edited and taken from the different podcast which was released in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

After Elon Musk took control, he did fire Vijaya Gadde on 27 October 2022, as expected as he was bringing in his new team.  This podcast has nothing to do with Twitter’s top administrators and Elon Musk and he never fired Vijaya Gadde on air.

Who is Vijaya Gadde?

Vijaya Gadde (born 1974) is an American attorney, who served as general counsel and the head of legal, policy, and trust at Twitter.  Her position included handling problems such as harassment, misinformation, and harmful speech.  She is known for her involvement in decisions and policies taken by Twitter, such as the approach taken to issues such as harassment and harmful speech, and high-profile decisions made by Twitter.  On October 27, she was fired by Elon Musk, following his purchase of Twitter.

In 2014, she was described by Fortune as the most powerful woman on Twitter’s executive team, though she was later joined by Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland   In October 2020, Politico profiled her as “the most powerful technology executive you’ve never heard of”.

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