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Sonia Gandhi’s last day as president of Congress as votes cast

IndiaSonia Gandhi's last day as president of Congress as votes cast

Congress president election results going on.  The Congress will get its first non-Gandhi president in 24 years on Wednesday.

There will be more than 9,500 votes cast to choose between senior leaders Mallikarjun Kharge and Shashi Tharoor are counted to cap the election contest, the sixth in its 137-year-old history and today is the last day of Sonia Gandhi, the epitome of grace” day as Congress’ president.

According to media reports, around 9,000 members of the electoral college from across the country cast their votes on Monday to elect the party’s new president between Mallikarjun Kharge and Shashi Tharoor. The counting of votes will be held in New Delhi on October 19. Keep it here for all the latest updates.

Emotions are running high among Gandhi’s supporters.  Sonia Gandhi was almost forced to join politics against her will, and while she declined, the powerful presence of support surrounding her made her finally join.  Her winsome calm mannerisms solidified and united Congress while she elicited faith from the party members and workers.  The Congress stood in power for decades under her leadership and there was a sense she held the cards to enable the party to win.

and Shantanu writes, “Smt Sonia Gandhi Ji is an epitome of Grace. Today will be the last of her Congress presidency.

I would like to Thank you ma’am for your service to Indian National Congress and India.

Every congressman/congresswoman is indebted to your service.

Prayers for your Good Health.

The party has contested four general elections under Sonia’s leadership, the first one in September 1999 — around 18 months after she took over and has stabilized and cemented the party together.  There is a general overall pervading fear that if the Gandhis leave the picture, the party will fall apart because they win heavy support from different politicians and also party workers with a feeling of trust about them.

It is pretty obvious that while many towering Congress politicians such as Captain Arminder Singh and Scindia switched sides to join the BJP, this would never be the scenario with the Gandhis per the Congress.

Much is going on In the period, the party was in power at the Centre for 10 successive years and then hit a historic low — leaving behind a massive challenge for the next party president.

With content between Tharoor and Kharge, opinions are running high.  Professor Ashok Swain tweeted, “A person who has been elected a record 10 consecutive times, has been President of the Karnataka Congress, Cabinet Minister of India, & leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha, is being ridiculed by upper caste Indian media as a Gandhi proxy. The reason is that Kharge is a Dalit.”

Shashi Tharoor, independent-minded and writer contesting as president shared this from his handle

During the period, the party was in power at the Centre for ten successive years and then hit a historic low after their loss in 2014 – leaving behind a tremendous challenge for the next party president.

While BJP supporters and Tavleen Singh give lectures on Congress polls, Dr. Ajoy Kumar retaliates by saying “It is very rich of the BJP who selected their president by two people to give a lecture on Congress polls.

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