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ScoopWhoop, Sonali Gaur faces flak for defamation of Rahul Gandhi, Sonia

AsiaScoopWhoop, Sonali Gaur faces flak for defamation of Rahul Gandhi, Sonia

Congress supporters are furious with ScoopWhoop and Sonali Kaur for making cheap snides on Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

Srinivas BV from the Congress said sharply, “We take strong notice of these malicious, false, and defamatory tweets by@ScoopWhoop aimed at tarnishing the image of the leader who is exposing the govt.

Calling upon you to remove these tweets in 24 hours with an apology on all platforms or legal consequences will follow.

Ankit Mayank @mr_mayank, a Congress supporter tweeted, “This is the level of abuse & defamation that Rahul Gandhi has suffered all these years, the biggest hate campaign ever.

And it’s a pity that the then leadership didn’t do much to stop such targeted attacks either.

This is why the current media team has earned massive respect.”

He went on to praise Jairam Ramesh and Supriya Shrinate and Pawan Khera for knowing how to fight against the slander.  “Kudos to @Jairam_Ramesh  @SupriyaShrinate
@Pawankhera for the fantastic work and showing how it’s actually done.

Most Congress supporters feel that Congress office bearers did nothing to stop the slander against the Gandhis which is why it reached to shocking levels of abuse and fake news against them.  As they say, “Congress volunteers have exposed more imposters in the last month than the office bearers have in the last 10 years, and that’s sad.”

Sonali Gaur also made a cheap remark against Sonia Gandhi for being unable to hear Arnab Goswami’s questioning her ridiculing Sonia Gandhi that she would not understand Hindi because it would take her time to comprehend Hindi with her Lutyens translation.  She also insinuated that she buys criminals and keeps them as MLAs.  The rage is particularly high because while Sonali Gaur claims to be secular, she aims at mocking the very secular party that is exposing the government.  Most Congress supporters slammed her and ended up unfollowing her.

An angry supporter tweeted against ScoopWhoop, and Congress advocates are asking for legal action against them.

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