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Uttar Pradesh, 6 Christian women arrested during birthday party

IndiaUttar Pradesh, 6 Christian women arrested during birthday party

In #UttarPradesh, six #Christian women were arrested during a birthday party as Hindutva right-wing extremists charged in with false claims.

The appalling incident occurred last week on July 30, 2022, when there was a birthday party at a Christian family’s home in Uttar Pradesh.  They called the church members, friends and family for the party and around a hundred of them came.

The gathering of hundred Christians for a birthday party led to high levels of anxiety among the Hindutva right-winger, who in a frenzy burst into the party.   According to the report by International Christian Concern, a mob of perhaps 15 hysterical Hindu radicals bolted into the party and started recording the event, amid accusations of the Christians meeting each other in order to convert each other.  Well, it seems strange how Christians meet to convert each other.

The next thing is the radicals mocked the Christian group, and while taking videos of them, looted their Bibles and song books and then scooted off to the police station to submit the videos, stolen Bibles and stolen song books as evidence against the Christians trying to prove to the authorities that the Christians were converting.

The police instead of arresting the miscreants for barging into a peaceful celebration and invading their homes, taking videos, and whacking their Bibles instead came to the spot and arrested six women instead charging them under the anti-conversion law when there was not even any conversion.

A local pastor, who wanted to remain anonymous, told ICC, “The six women who are in jail are very poor economically. Among the six women, one is physically challenged, one is a widow with three small children, and one is a single unmarried girl. The situation with these families is very pathetic; the family members are accusing the local pastor that he is responsible for all of their trouble, and he has to bear all the expenses and bring them out of the jail as soon as possible.”

While conversation stories keep being circulated on social media, the truth is no one can convert anyone by force, and also, in India, it is extremely difficult for one person to convert to another religion easily.

Converts face a host of troubles such as losing all property rights, and being thrown out of their homes, ostracization and being treated like filth. Some have been murdered, and others have been beaten black and blue until their bones have been broken.  Such is the tough price of conversion and no one will just convert to another faith so easily in India.  Disciplines within their own communities and families are the hardest.

India’s anti-conversion laws are being severely misused by religious fanatics and one can say that the police are playing a more dangerous game with them along with the state authorities.

The Christian community in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is facing rising intolerance with open hatred directed towards them, even from educated echelons of society. Christian school children are being severely humiliated and denigrated.

According to the United Christian Forum, an organization which manages a helpline for Christian victims of persecution in India, there have been over 80 significant incidents of anti-Christian persecution in Uttar Pradesh in just the first five months of 2022.

It seems strange that the radicals are so frightened of 2% of the population of Christians who are almost invisible that they keep attacking them and getting them arrested.  India has never seen such shaky and unstable times before.  And we talk about India being the largest democracy in the world.

Also, there is a section of Hindutva people who are extremely exuberant that Westerners are fast turning into Hindus yet they do not allow that same allowance for Hindus becoming Christians or any other religion, which is called a hypocritical sort of behaviour.

Since the birth of Christiantity, one of its strongest hallmarks is gathering and meeting, with a Bible message, songs and prayers to build up the spiritual resilience of worshippers.

If a gathering of Christians for a birthday party can make the Hindutva crowd so insecure that the police along with the state authorities get them arrested, we are living in quite terrifying times where civilians shiver with fear, not feeling safe even in the sanctity of their homes. The anti-conversion law is seeking to criminalise Christianity.  Listen to this video, I’m Human, Right?

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