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One of killers of Kanhaiya Lal had a BJP connection, attended functions

IndiaOne of killers of Kanhaiya Lal had a BJP connection, attended functions

Stunningly, Riyaz, one of the killers of Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur had a BJP link attending functions organized by the BJP Minority Morcha.

The two accused — Mohammed Riyaz Attari and Ghaus Muhammad who killed the tailor, Kanhaiya Lal with a cleaver, in Udaipur city’s Dhan Mandi area were arrested by the Rajasthan police in the Rajasamand district late on Tuesday evening.  On Friday, it has come to light through  India Today who first revealed the news, that Riyaz Attari, one of the accused in Kanhaiya Lal’s horrific murder was participating in BJP’s programs for three years.

Riyaz had also participated in BJP leader Gulab Chand Kataria programs many times. After the terrible murder of tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, Rajasthan, the atmosphere is tense as new secrets are tumbling out of the dark closet where investigations so far have uncovered that the Udaipur murder case is not an ordinary incident.

It is now anticipated that Riyaz Attari could also be part of a bigger conspiracy and the shocking connection with BJP.  The BJP worker Irshad when confronted with his images with Riyaz, replied, “Yes, they are mine. I garlanded him because he had come back from Umra, (Haj in 2019). He attended many events of Gulab Ji (BJP leader Gulab Chand Kataria), Somebody would accompany him in BJP events.”

Riyaz, according to the BJP Minority Morcha leader, would come to events accompanied by a party worked named Mohammad Tahir (also known as Tahir Bhai). “He is our worker. Tahir Bhai was close to Riyaz,” said Irshad Chainwala.

According to India Today , Irshad has been associated with the saffron party for over a decade.  India Today revealed several pictures of Tahir and Riyaz together. After the ghastly murder, it appears that Tahir has been unavailable.

News goes that Riyaz was obsessed with the 26/11 terror attack and had paid an extra Rs. 5000 to buy a customised number 2611 for his bike. He and his accomplice Mohammed Ghaus had used the same bike to escape the scene of the murder on June 28th but they were later caught in the evening.

Reportedly, the 2611 number was bought several years ago in 2013. The number 2611 denotes the 26th of November, the day when Ajmal Kasab and other Pakistani terrorists from Lashkar-e-Taiba unleashed devastation in Mumbai in the year 2008.

Some Suspicions

Another narrative going by some Hindutva supporters is that the infiltration of Riyaz into the BJP camps was to defame the Hindus through the ghastly murder, but this argument does not hold weight because Mohammed Riyaz Attari and Ghaus Muhammad not only uploaded their video claiming they were avenging Nupur Sharma’s insult to the Prophet and Islam, and also made no assertions of any linkage to BJP or any Hindus.  In fact, if anything, what they were doing was only making things harder for the Muslims in India who incidentally were quick to condemn and separate themselves from the heinous crime, calling it unIslamic.

Fake News Circulations:

Some members of the BJP have been falsely accusing the Congress party and spreading fake news such as Kainaya Lal’s family is not getting taken care of.

However, as one netizen shared, “Ashok Gehlot has behaved in a very mature way while dealing with #UdaipurHorror 50 lacs compensation, counseling the family, suspended two Policemen and transferring the SP and DIG, meeting the other injured victim. and compare this with the Kishan Bharwad case of Gujarat under the BJP govt.”


Also they spread that  Kainaya Lal did not get security, however, Kainaya Lal’withdrew his case and did not wish further security which Pawan Khera of the Congress asserted after BJP’s claims.

BJP MP Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore had been sharing a manipulated video of Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader calling Kainaya Lal’s killers “children”, when in reality, Rahul Gandhi was referring to the CPM students who had vandalized his office.

In fact, when the BJP MP launch out such mass-scale falsehoods, it is detrimental to their reputation and they are losing credibility with these fake videos, such that it is globally being recognized that the BJP IT cell is circulating fake news.

Supporters of Congress shared that Kahaiya Lal’s murder has a BJP link, which is raising suspicions and questions.  One netizen said, “BJP links with #UdaipurHorror accused are itself horrific.. exposes the criminality in ideology where crime is done purposely to spread hatred in society.. Muslims were targeted everywhere and a fake narrative of Hindu Khatre mein hai was spread.. request all BJP voters to think”

Fake news peddlers beware, apologizes for running conspiracy fake news against
@RahulGandhi ji in last few hours

These people deleted their tweets after sharing that video

A netizen expressed, “It was VERY fishy from the very start. The Congress State, the two having such knives, posing with beard/skullcap when they didn’t sport beard while back, targeting a poor guy who had NOTHING to do with any of this instead of going for a MUCH MUCH bigger fish/sadhu hatemongers.”

Another netizen said, “I doubted it from the beginning, the confidence with which they made the video, boasted of the k!llings and also threatened the PM. Somehow everything was fishy about the whole thing.”

This revelation of BJP links, in this case, raises the suspicions of Congress supporters as to whether the BJP cells were actually using radicalizid Muslims to inflict acts of terror in Congress-ruled states and defame the Congress to spread the narrative that only “Islamists” get “dangerous” in Congress states, therefore again trying to not only split votes but continue on their quest to declare Hindutva in India.  These are dangerous political games churning and destabilizing the nation.

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