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Bravery of Captain Khanna and Co-Pilot Balpreet Singh highly applauded

IndiaBravery of Captain Khanna and Co-Pilot Balpreet Singh highly applauded

The bravery of Captain Monica Khanna and Co-Pilot Balpreet Singh is highly praised after they saved SpiceJet from crashing!

Captain Monica Khanna with Co-Pilot Balpreet Singh in command on SpiceJet SG723 suddenly noticed a fire on the left engine after take-off.  With quick reflexes, they shut down the engine and carried out a single-engine landing with a fully loaded aircraft with 185 passengers successfully!

A fire broke out in the engine of SpiceJet on a flight from Patna to Delhi. On noticing the fire, Captain Monica Khanna and Co-Pilot Balpreet Singh shut down the engine.

With skill, the pilot made a safe landing saving 185 passengers while the SpiceJet SG-725 was engulfed in flames.

Of course, the passengers were panic-stricken seeing the smoke billowing from the engine of the plane but were able to be calmed down.

The Patna Airport Authority said all the passengers were safe and no one was injured. The plane landed with extreme caution as soon as the fire was reported. The cause of the fire is being investigated.

It is seen that the plane was hit by a bird have been hit by a bird. Captain Monica the pilot-in-command of Flight SG723 switched off the engine quickly as soon as they learned of the fire and they averted a major catastrophe.

As the plane was flying over the Phulwari Sharif area of ​​Patna, locals saw smoke pouring out of the plane and also instantly informed the district administration and the airport. The plane then landed safely at Patna Airport. The passengers were sent to Delhi by another plane. The fire on the plane was brought under control immediately. The plane did not cause much damage due to the fire.

Captain Monica and co-pilot Balpreet Singh have been applauded for their skill in landing a very difficult flight with the plane on fire and they averted a big disaster.

Memories of a catastrophic accident in 2000

On July 17, 2000, there was a horrible plane crash in Patna. The flight from Kolkata to Delhi crashed in Gardnibagh, Patna. More than 60 people, including six locals, were killed. Many remembered that terrible tragedy.

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