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Congress’ powerful Azadi Yatra across India day 24 gaining momentum

IndiaCongress' powerful Azadi Yatra across India day 24 gaining momentum

Congress Seva Dal members are on day 24 of their powerful Azadi Gaurav Yatra with rising participation from locals as momentum gathers.

Azadi Gaurav Yatra aims to showcase the role Congress played in the freedom struggle and the country’s development after 1947. It also marked the kick-off of Congress’s Gujarat assembly election campaign. A Congress leader said party president Sonia Gandhi and MP Rahul Gandhi decided to organize the yatra “to remind our new generations of the sacrifices made by our leaders in achieving freedom from the British Raj”.

“As the country marks 75 years of Independence, our national president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi decided to organize the Azadi Gaurav Yatra to remind our new generations about the sacrifices made by our leaders to achieve freedom from the British Raj,” Sharma told reporters. “At least 100 volunteers will be present throughout the march. More members and supporters will join them in the four states over the next two months,” said Seva Dal chief organizer Lalji Desai.

The 1,200-km yatra will march through four states before reaching its destination, Raj Ghat in Delhi, on June 1 and will cover five districts in Gujarat in the next ten days, Congress leaders said. The march will pass through Rajasthan, Haryana, and Delhi before culminating at Raj Ghat after 42 days.

Hundreds of Congress Seva Dal members attended a prayer meet at Hriday Kunj in the Ashram this morning before embarking on the padayatra while holding the party flag. The foot march was flagged off by the Congress’s state leadership including Gujarat in-charge Raghu Sharma, state unit president Jagdish Thakor, and others.

Congress tweets, “The Azadi Gaurav Yatra enters into Day 24 of its journey with the flag hoisting done by Kamli Ghat Nagar President Shri Prakash Narayan.

Local participation from villagers has seen a tremendous rise with more women volunteering and joining the cause!”

The Grand Old Party that Built India

Anchor and veteran journalist Rajdeep Sardesai once said, “Congress knows how to govern, BJP knows how to win elections.  Sardesai was right because the politics of the Congress despite a population of over one billion with vast diversities and an empty exchequer after the British left still did not confound Congress who beat all odds.  While members from the BJP and RSS and their followers are screaming “Congress Mukh Bharat” or Congress Must Die, they perhaps do not realize you cannot kill a universal ideology of dignity, life, and freedom for all individuals equally.

Now touching on what Congress did for India in a nutshell since there is a constant ranting from certain sections in India about “What did Congress do in 70 years?”

Condition of India after the British Left

Well, India was under British rule for more than 190 years. The people were living subserviently with a big divide between the rich and the poor. While India provided the raw materials, Britain produced the final products in Britain and industrialization was not their plan for India, rather ruralization.

Congress came to power in 1947 after Independence and started with nearly nothing as the treasury chest was bare after colonial rule.  India didn’t even have the resources to manufacture a pin figuratively speaking.

The partition of India wrecked India emotionally, physically, economically, and internationally. The toughest thing is picking up from smoking ashes and broken ruins.

At that time, electricity was available only in 20 villages across the country. Telephone facilities were available only to 20 rulers (kings) in this country. There was no drinking water supply. There were only 10 small dams. There were no hospitals, no educational institutions (except for some Christian missionary schools and hospitals, tea plantations, roads, bridges, railways, and drainage systems in some areas, but for the vast country, it was not enough). However, no fertilizer feeds, and no water supply for cultivation. There were no jobs with steep starvation in the country. The Bengal Famine engineered by Winston Churchhill took millions of Indian lives.

There were many infant deaths and very few military jawans at the border. India had only 4 planes, 20 tanks, and fully open borders on all 4 sides of the country with very minimum roads and bridges. They left an empty exchequer. Nehru came to power under those circumstances.

What did Congress do for India after 70 years before 2014 People Ask

India has the world’s 4th largest Army… hundreds of warplanes, tanks, missiles, and various types of guns. Lakhs of industrial institutions are mushrooming all over. There is electricity in almost all villages with hundreds of electric power stations. There are lakhs of kilometers of national highways and over bridges. There are new railway projects, stadiums, and super-specialty hospitals.

Most Indian households have television, telephone, or mobiles freely available for all the country’s people. There is the sophisticated infrastructure to work in and outside the country, there are banks, universities, AIMS, IITS, IIMS, nuclear weapons, submarines, nuclear stations, ISRO, and Navarathna Public sector units.

The computer era bloomed in India through the meticulous efforts of Congress under Rajiv Ganjiv making India a top tech nation and giving jobs to millions. Our tech giants rose out of this movement, never forget. Computers came to rural India through this powerful networking and the job opportunities were opened not only in India but all over the globe. We are now using information technology big time globally.

India became polio-free through the meticulous efforts of the government over years, and also smallpox free through vaccine drives over the decades. Polio unlike COVID-19 had a different system of serving as it administered vaccines for babies and children Sundays, throughout India reaching the rural heartlands.  As we know, millions of babies are born everywhere so the vaccine was continuously given over years to eradicate polio.

The economic reforms of former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh lifted millions (271 million) of Indians above the poverty line and eradicated starvation (credit to others too).

Congress revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry by making pharmaceutical drugs cheap and affordable all over including internationally. This is why drugs today could be sent over to different countries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indian-Pak victory where one lakh soldiers and military commanders surrendered to the Indian army. India started exporting minerals & food items, and other goods. Bank nationalization was started by Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

India was one of the top 10 economies in the world. Apart from this, GSLV, Mangalyan, (The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), also called Mangalyaan is a space probe orbiting Mars with its Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV), Monorail, Metro rail, International airports, Prithvi, Agni, Naag, Nuclear submarines….all these and much more too countless to tell were achieved before 2014.

It is the hope that the Azadi Gaurav Yatra will revive a spirit of peace, hope, unity, and prosperity over India.  Congress Azadi Gaurav Yatra is doing a fantastic job, raising the momentum where now there is local participation from villagers with tremendous rise with more women volunteering and joining the cause!

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