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Dalit brutally beaten to death in Aurangabad by allegedly 8 men

IndiaDalit brutally beaten to death in Aurangabad by allegedly 8 men

Aurangabad, 8 men brutally beat a 27-year-old Dalit man to death, over suspicion of theft on Wednesday 20th April 2022.

The barbaric crime transpired in the Aurangabad city of Maharashtra, where eight men beat a 27-year-old Dalit youth to death over suspicion of theft on Wednesday 20th April 2022.  A video is making its rounds on social media, so gruesome that it cannot be shared.

Killers beat Manoj for one and a half hours to his death

Manoj Awhad (age 27, lived in Vivekanand Nagar in the HUDCO area of Aurangabad) and was working as a watchman.  That fateful Wednesday evening, the killers beat Manoj for one and a half hours with wooden rods on suspicion of theft.  It has to be mentioned that Manoj is a Dalit because caste violence is a deep root neverending problem.

The murderers suspected that Manoj had stolen the light focuses and wires and hence they beat him. He died at around 5.30 pm on Wednesday.  His murderers attempted to hide the murder for around two and a half hours. The police arrested eight persons in this connection.

During the investigation, the police are coming across several new facts. It was unveiled that the accused tied the hands and legs of the victim and beat him continuously for one and a half hours. They then removed the blood-stained clothes from his body and put new clothes on him. They also gave him a bath before taking him to the Government Medical College and Hospital. They told the doctors that they found him in an unconscious condition near a liquor shop and they brought him to GMCH.

As there were discrepancies between the statements of the accused, the doctors got suspicious. Accused Ashtapal Gawai told his name to the doctors but told them that he did not know the name of the victim. He gave the wrong mobile phone number to the doctors.

It is reported that five of the eight accused culprits were arrested by the Aurangabad police and presented in front of the court on Friday 22nd April 2022. The Judicial Magistrate (First Class) Justice S. U. Nyaharkar ordered police custody of the accused till 26th April 2022.

The incident took place at a hall managed by the culprits when they took Manoj Awhad to the hall at around 3 p.m. where the accused beat him for one and half hours with wooden sticks and brutal kicks that killed on on the spot.

Names of the Accused

The names of the accused as released by police sources Sagar Ganpat Kharat (age 28), Rohan alias Sunny Ganpat Kharat (age 26), Shivam Narendra Tupe (age 26), Ashtapal Ramesh Gavai (age 27), all of whom live near TV center in sector N-12 of the HUDCO area of Aurangabad and Anand Laxman Gaikwad (age 22) and Anand Bhausaheb Solas (age 22), both resident of Shatabdinagar in the same sector N-12 and Satish Bhaskar Khare (age 45) who lives in Siddharthnagar in the sector N-12 of the HUDCO area of Aurangabad.

Story of the Video

While a story is spreading that the accused made the video and sent it to Manoj Awhad’s brother on WhatsApp, it seems dubious because why would they reveal the evidence that they were the murderers that would nab easy arrests, or did they think they held immunity against the law?  This signifies murderers have no fear of law, it is diluted, especially those who are “right-wing”.

Arrests Made

Deceased Manoj Awhad’s mother Aruna Sheshrao Awhad (age 50) approached the CIDCO police station apparently showed the video and told the police what had happened. Deputy Commissioner of Police Deepak Ginche, Assistant Police Inspector Nishikant Bhujbal, Police Inspector Sambhaji Pawar, Assistant Police Inspector Shradha Waydande, Sub-Inspector of Police Ashok Avchar inspected the spot. A case of murder has been registered against eight persons in the case. Satish Khare, Sagar Kharat, Sunny Kharat, Anand Solas, and Shivam Tupe, who is said to have made the video, have been arrested. The accused were traced by the conflicting information they provided in the hospital under the effect of the alcohol they consumed.

Sources say it is right-wing men who killed the Dalit

Unfortunately, in India, whenever a Dalit is murdered, the first question rises whether it was the high caste right-wing, which journalists reveal is. Uttar Pradesh reported the highest number of atrocities against Dalits, the NCRB data shows, at 25.6% of all cases reported. This is followed by Bihar (14%) and Rajasthan (12.6%).

Please do not watch the video

Where is the Law?

Right now in India, it appears that the right-wing is taking the law into their own hands because they feel they are above the law.  Making videos of their murders and even uploading them on Instagram and other social media platforms are becoming commonplace.  They are not afraid of the police or the law, perhaps even if they go to jail, they will be out on bail.

Are there not enough judges, is there no justice, and are there no courts?  In which country do people brutally beat others to death on suspicion of theft or anything, or simply because of their religion and caste.  Caste violence overtakes all atrocities in India.  However, unfortunately, today, the perpetrators of the right-wing are acting like victims and are getting away with free or out on bail, or victims are made to look accused and if alive may go to jail instead.

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