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BJP leader to US pastor “All Muslims, Christians convert, leave or be eliminated

AsiaBJP leader to US pastor "All Muslims, Christians convert, leave or be eliminated

BJP leader to US pastor, India will be a Hindu-only country. Every Muslim, Christian will convert to Hinduism, leave, or be eliminated.

Pastor Bryan Nerren of Shelbyville Tennesee was arrested in 2019 and was stuck in a room in the city of Siliguri after six days in an Indian prison which was “blatant religious persecution,” the family said at the time.

Bryan Nerren, the Jackson native who is the US pastor of the International House of Prayer Ministries in Shelbyville, says his seven-month detainment in India was harder on his family than it was on him.

Pastor Bryan Nerren of Shelbyville Tennesee talked about his ordeal in India during the Release of the 2022 Report on India by the Federation of Indian American Christian

Pastor Bryan Nerren Shares His Seven Month Ordeal in India

He shares that after six days in prison for “being a Christian” and carrying funds to give pastors for the orphanages and poor children in India, he was released under house arrest.  He said the customs officials in Kolkotta that he was talking with told Pastor Bryan Nerren that he had been instructed by the central government of India to stop all Westerners from bringing money to Christians in India and they were under that order by the central government to stop him, arrest him and taking whatever steps necessary to stop Westerners from being able to come to India and help.

He says after six days in prison he was released under house arrest and it took seven and a half months before he was released to return to America.

During his time, he says he discovered something that he would have never expected, that if one is arrested in a foreign country like India, the state department has an agreement that they will not help you, will not assist you, and will not aid you.  He went on to say that in fact, the officer from the Kolkotta office came to see him after he was out of prison and told flatly told the pastor, “We won’t help you, we’re not going to help you and we don’t help.”

Pastor Bryan Nerren said, “Had it not been for the American Center of Law and Justice from the very first day that I was arrested working continuously, I don’t know that I would not still be in India today.”

The pastor said, “The prosecutor told me regularly, we’re going to get you, we’re going to punish you and we are going to stop you and make an example for all other Westerners not coming to bring in money and not coming to help Christians.”

The pastor went on to say, “During my time of house arrest, a senior member of the BJP in that area of Siliguri who was the president of the Rotary Club at the time (2019-2020) and said, “I hope they put you in prison forever, somebody needs to teach you a lesson that we don’t want you here and we don’t care about poor children.” He said, in his own words and this was also repeated by a few other customs people, but this man, in particular, said, “India will be a Hindu only country. Every Muslim and every Christian will convert to Hinduism, leave the country, or be eliminated.

The pastor deeply disturbed, said, “They are very serious about stopping everything except the radical Hindu agenda that is taking over India today.”  Urging the US government, he said, “The United States government, in particular, the senate of the United States of America must do something to let India know we are paying attention and we care about Christians and Muslims, all minorities in India that are being taken advantage of and persecuted today.”

Pastor Nerren was able to come home in late May 2020, which arrived after failed deals between India and the United States, thousands of dollars in costs and fees, and a rigorous investigation in an attempt to put Bryan Nerren back in an Indian prison for years.

He was arrested thereafter allegedly not having proper paperwork to clear money in customs and was unable to return to the U.S. due to what he and his attorney said was religious persecution. The money, $40,000, was for religious conferences and to help impoverished children in India and Nepal.

Even when he was released and fined, the courts confiscated his passport and placed him under a travel ban.

Periodic statements by certain Hindu fanatical leaders to eliminate Christians and Muslims are rising.

Many American Indian Modi supporters, NRIs, support minority suppression in India, however, there are minorities and immigrants in the USA and other countries who are enjoying equal rights.

Rev Peter Cook was Deported Because He was a Christian

Rev Peter Cook of NY State Council of Churches talked about his deportation from an airport in India upon arrival for no reason other than he was a Christian clergy wanting to meet his partners there. He spoke at the 2022 Report release event. Full report at http://fiacona.org

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