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SC tells father seeking justice for minor raped killed daughter to go to HC

IndiaSC tells father seeking justice for minor raped killed daughter to go to HC

A father wanting a court-monitored probe into gang-rape, murder of his minor daughter is told by SC ‘Don’t flood this court with these kinds of petitions’.

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to consider a writ petition filed by a father seeking a court-monitored probe into the kidnap, gang rape, and murder of his minor daughter.  The Chief Justice of India of the Supreme Court, N. V. Ramana asked the distressed father to approach the High Court, according to Live Law.

During the hearing, the counsel appearing for the petitioner submitted that the petitioner’s minor daughter was kidnapped, gang-raped, and murdered and even presented facts that the parents were not even given a chance of performing her last rites as the police forcibly cremated the dead body at midnight.

Despite the horrific events surrounding the brutal gang rape and murder of the child, N. V. Ramana was unmoved.

The conversation in court went like this:

“Counsel: My minor daughter was kidnapped, gang-raped, and killed

CJI: Go to the High court

Counsel: I’m a laborer, I’m a victim of the system, there’s complete lawlessness in UP

CJI: Don’t flood this court with these kinds of petitions, why come directly to SC?

“I’m a victim father, this is a peculiar situation,” said the counsel. “I’m from Bulandshahar, HC is far away than SC,” he added.

According to Live Law, the court then observed that it can either grant liberty to the petitioner to approach the High Court or dismiss the case.

“We can grant liberty to approach HC. Every writ petition I can’t entertain,” said the CJI.

The counsel then sought liberty to withdraw the petition and approach the HC.

CJI said, “Don’t repeat it again. Permission to withdraw and approach High Court.”

Fury from Netizens over CJI’s Harsh Comments

No one is superior to the constitution. The constitution has given the right to every citizen of the country can approach the SC, whenever his/her fundamental rights are affected.

Deplorable. S. Ct shud b sensitive particularly in cases of heinous crimes rapes n murders of an infant belonging to the poor section of society. It should be fresh in their minds how a rape victim from UP who didn’t get justice from the UP govt had committed suicide outside S.ct

“Heartless. Even the Mughals & British Raj were more benevolent.

Suit boot ki Sarkar & suit-boot ka Supreme Court of Andheri.”

Perhaps the most furious comment from a netizen filled with disgust for the CJI was


SC …I spit on you.. aakthoo”

The open disparity between poor and rich is increasing the divide revealing the priority of the CJI.  His wordings, “this kind of petition’ to a father who had lost his minor daughter to gang rape and brutal murder was cruel.  Would he have used the same words had the gang-raped murdered child been from a rich elite family?  It seems that the judiciary is dying a 100 deaths slowly.  There was a time citizens swore by the Supreme Court believing they will get justice but those days appear to be fading away with fear and insecurity over the verdicts of the Court.

You many also want to read about judges?  Are they subjugated by fear?  https://hamslivenews.com/2021/07/29/chilling-murder-of-a-jogging-judge-judges-not-safe-anymore/

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