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Bihar: 8-year-old girl, gang raped, eyes scooped out, gorily murdered

StatesBihar: 8-year-old girl, gang raped, eyes scooped out, gorily murdered

Gruesome rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl in Bihar, blindfolded after gang-raped, murdered with eyes torn out, sand stuffed in mouth.

In Patna, there was horror when the body of an eight-year-old girl who went missing on the day of Holi in Bihar’s Banka was found. It is being reported that after being gang raped, the girl was brutally killed.

According to family members, the girl was playing Holi with her friends outside the house at 2 pm on the day of Holi. In the meantime, she suddenly disappeared from near the Durga temple. The family started looking for him from that time itself.

During the search, the police were also reported her being missing. But instead of carrying out a search, the police asked the family members to look for her also, side by side.

Soon thereafter, another child who played with the girl told the family members that the girl has been taken away in a red-colored auto from near the Durga temple.

After this information, the family members started searching for the auto driver. When the relatives reached the auto driver’s house, he denied their involvement in the incident. However, he later ran away from his house. At around 11 pm, the family members found the girl’s body covered with sand in a drain located near the railway station.

Police were informed about this. After which the police recovered the body from there. Police have told that there was no cloth on the girl’s body and blood was bleeding from many parts of her body. His eyes were also torn out and sand was stuffed into her mouth.

After seeing the dead body, it was evident that the girl had been gang-raped and murdered, and they had gorily also torn out her eyes.  The auto driver had fled and the police arrested his wife for further investigation.

Frighteningly, India has the largest number of child sexual abuse cases in the world.  India has become an online hosting hub for child sex material. It is discovered that for every 155th minute a child, less than 16 years, is raped, for every 13th hour a child under 10. It can be three months to ten years; there is no barrier for degenerates to choose from.

Many children got lured in tempting offers and thrills without understanding the dangers they were in. According to Interpol, an estimated 2.4 million instances of online child sexual abuse were reported from India from 2017 to 2020.

It is time to sensitize the nation making them aware that every child, girl or woman has free will. It is time through social media, discussion forums, candlelight marches, do whatever it takes, but rise up and sensitize our communities against these atrocities.

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