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How to Get Freedom from the Pain of Past Emotions

WorldHow to Get Freedom from the Pain of Past Emotions

We may be still holding on to painful memories even though we may have reached the pinnacles of success.  Sounds strange, doesn’t it?

The thought life is as strong as an ocean current and as powerful as the sun figuratively speaking, and it is difficult to submerge it in the sands of yesterday because it is so compelling.  The thoughts of individuals have transformed nations to greatness or destruction.  In this same way, pain clings to hearts like ghostly shadows of memories of loss, hurt, rejection, fear, worry, anxiety, and guilt haunting billions over the earth.

Life Focuses on the Present 
The key in life is what we think.  Our thoughts make us or break us.  The premise from which we must live is today.  While past events and memories can also be sweet reminders to cheer us up, and it is beneficial to dwell on positive things, we also have to create wonderful memories for the future by living joyously in the present.

Pain may coat our hearts because memories hit hard, and bury us in soot and we live our daily lives echoing lonely shrieking voices down corridors of old memories forfeiting abundant life within us, holding on to a despondent life that is rusting away because we are either dwelling too much in the past or fearing the future.

Close your eyes and imagine a tree that is nourished by pure water, rich soil, and golden sunlight.  In time, the tree grows and flourishes to take deeper roots and bear richer fruit.  While the tree is relishing the excellent fertile soil, pure, clean rainwater, and warm glowing sunlight provided to it in the PRESENT, the old leaves start to shrivel off and finally fall off.  When the old dried leaves fall off, the tree will not feel any pain because the leaves are dead with no attachment to the tree.  This should be the same with our lives.  As we live in the joyous light of today, nourished by the bread of life, drinking pure waters, relishing each moment, ugly debilitating, deforming memories like dead leaves fall off from us.

There is a catch-22 situation here where a trap is set up for us.   We keep doing good, and then one day, something hits us out of gear and we crash down in despair.  We are humans and not invincible, we do fail, we do fall and we make mistakes and when this happens, a malicious negative voice coming from the forces of darkness whispers in our ears vindictively, “See you did it again, there is no hope for you, your life is miserable, nothing ever good happens for you, and also, you are a loser.’  Perhaps, the insensitive words in the English language is “loser”, because they are no losers, we make mistakes, we learn, we grow, and we evolve.

A famous quote I have read says, “We are stronger because of the hard times, wiser because of our mistakes, and happier because we have known sadness.”

However, believing a lie that we are losers and worthless, we feel defeated and hopeless, we sink further into depression.

The Cycle That Keeps Us Drowning in Pain

The Guilt Trap
Some people keep on feeling guilty for a mistake they made.  It may be hidden guilt and a coverup, and they may not even realize they are victims of guilt.  To cover up for their guilt, some people retreat and become passive and others become mean and aggressive.  They start to attack others to hide their own shames.  This is the place where negative forces get millions of people to live in; a miserable pit where they feel they can never rise out of, so they grovel in failure and misery.  Positive thinking always tells us to Rise Up and Shine.  This is our war cry, our powerful declaration to rise out of the pit and fly with eagle wings.

Yet people are still in bondage because they have accepted wrong thinking, have not dealt with the mistakes they made, either denied it, or started resenting others because of it, and set out to take revenge, all out of guilt.  Others are bound in chains to that feeling of guilt

Be Healed From A Painful Past By These Means:

Disassociate Yourself from Painful Past Events and Memories:

Do not let your mind ruminate on these like a rotating top.  Memories of the past have the power to flood us, inundate us to the point of paralysis, physical and mental pain, and depression.  This is the power of our thought life, it can make us or break us!  You have to imagine yourself talking a silver sword and cutting the cord between your painful thoughts and yourself.  Just make a decision not to think them.  It is not instantly easy but it is a practiced art.

While it helps initially to talk about something and gets it off our chest, if we keep on talking about it, beeping lights get triggered into a danger zone because, in a strange way, those negative events start to get more entangled and embedded in the memories of our lives and affect things around us adversely. Gloomy pessimistic speech attracts the negative spirits in the air and the home of the soul gets stirred up in a dismal dark storm.

Thus, let your mind dwell on the present, building up joyous thoughts by relishing at the moment.  Do good and it will come back to you.

Deliver Yourself from Unhealthy Attachments to People: 

A friendship with a critical, whiny, angry, resentful bitter person who has their feet rooted in marshy grounds can drag your own feet to murky swamps.  That attachment to that person can connect you with negative vibes.  While there are people whom we cannot walk away from, our family members, we still need to protect our own souls when communicating with them.  Be wise to lead conversations to positive topics and steer away from negative ones. Also, never allow a bitter person’s poison to get into you. Build a tough wall around you, wash it off you each time, and instead shower your conversations with possibilities and promise.  Usually, grumbling grouches get furious with positivity and would snap at you right away.  It is better to stay away if they keep snapping and save your soul from pain and grief.  Protection walls are important to allow yourself the space to heal from traumatic memories of the past.

Sing Songs, Praise, Be Thankful and Keep Speaking Gratitude

Sing new songs, try to make up your own songs if you can, or sing your favorite songs.  Sing worship songs to the Creator and focus on the words, you will start to feel a new euphoria rising.  Start to do something new, whatever you can, even a walk, and do it with exhilaration, soak up the wonders around you, even the simplest things.  Do it anew and this will start to heal your thoughts your mind and your soul.  Take Words out of your Holy Book and say them aloud, proclaim them by faith or read out positive quotes, and believe them.  Renew your mind daily, moment by moment and painful memories will slowly heal.  Time too heals, but a little effort on our part goes a long way.

Live in Agape Love. 

Agape love is the highest form of love, which stems out from the Divine.  The power of love is like the Sun, warming up a cold globe, and like ocean waves that move with power and force to transform and bring in new light and hope.  If you attempt to live in Love, this supernaturally connects you to the Divine and situations change.  The world has underestimated the power of Love.  People who walk in love have a different kind of energy flowing out from them.  They do not have time to grumble, hate, criticize, or get insecure because they are moving in the power of Divinity.

May you be blessed abundantly as you read this and be filled with new joys raptured in the magic of exhilaration.

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