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Twitter restores Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s & Congress handle today

IndiaTwitter restores Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's & Congress handle today

Twitter just restored Rahul Gandhi, Pawan Khera, and the Congress handles a week after temporarily suspending accounts.

Mr. Gandhi’s account was temporarily suspended last week after he tweeted pictures of the family of a nine-year-old victim of alleged rape and murder in Northwest Delhi. Twitter termed it a violation of its rules.

Rahul Gandhi had on Friday accused Twitter of “interfering in the national political process” and said shutting down of his handle amounted to an “attack on the country’s democratic structure”.  Mr. Gandhi, in a YouTube video statement titled “Twitter’s dangerous game”, said that Twitter was not a neutral and objective platform and was “beholden to the government”.

While the Prime Minister of India had also tweeted photos of himself with Nirbhaya’s parents during the time of the sensitive case, and BJP IT cell leader Amit Malviya had tweeted videos of the Hathras victim, and at that time, Twitter had not taken any action on this, so the policies of Twitter appear to be biased and also not clear to the users.

On certain days, thousands of accounts are removed or suspended.  On the other hand, there are the constant abusers whose Twitter accounts still remain intact, some even have called for genocide on communities yet accounts are intact, while others just for tiny words or shares get their handles blocked.

Congress has accused Twitter of bias and Rahul Gandhi also had said the company was denying millions of his followers the right to an opinion, which was unfair.

The Congress supporters and Opposition have severely criticized the move of Twitter working at the behest of the BJP government to muffle voices.

Initially, Twitter seemed to be giving people the freedom to expose wrongs, a shift of gearing towards the government is becoming evident.

Sources said the Twitter accounts of some of the party leaders who had shared the same pictures have also been restored.

Usually, if a user of a social media platform has violated a rule, they are given an initial warning, but this is never done on Twitter. The rules of Twitter too are unclear to the users and so-called violators’ accounts are randomly blocked, suspended or removed all the time.

The instant locking of accounts is arbitrary and shows a lack of good understanding and positive communication between the user and the social media company.  Perhaps Twitter needs to introspect its policies and moves in order to work better with the millions of users who have enabled the rising success of Twitter and not harass users and treat with as abusers with a show of power.


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