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Haryana: 2 minor girls raped, killed by 4 men, made them take insecticide

IndiaHaryana: 2 minor girls raped, killed by 4 men, made them take insecticide

Haryana: 2 minor girls were raped, killed by 4 men who forced them to consume insecticide in a village in Haryana’s Sonipat.

The two minor girls, aged 14 and 16, were sisters and used to live with their mother, who works as a laborer while the accused, aged between 22 and 25 years, are migrant workers and lived in a rented room next to the victims.

On the intervening night of August 5 and 6, the accused allegedly forced their way into the victims’ home and threatened their mother. The four men then raped the two minor girls and afterwards, made them consume an insecticide, according to a police official.

After the rape, when the girls’ condition started to worsen, the men threatened the mother asked her to tell the police that her daughters were bitten by a snake.

According to the police official, the girls were instantly rushed to a hospital in Delhi. One of them was declared dead by doctors, while the other died during treatment.

SHO of Kundli police station Ravi Kumar said, ‘Fearing for her life, initially the mother of the girls had told hospital authorities too that the two sisters had been bitten by a snake.”

‘However, as we had suspicions, we questioned the woman intensely and she broke down telling the real story,’ he said, adding that the postmortem report confirmed sexual assault and poisoning.

Ravi Kumar said the police swung into action immediately and the four accused were nabbed on Tuesday. A case has been registered under relevant provisions of the law.

Rapes Getting Worse Over the Last Ten Years In India

After a study of the state-wise rape cases for the last 10 years, India Today’s Data Intelligence Unit (DIU) found the 10 states – from UP to Rajasthan and Kerala to Madhya Pradesh – have reported more than two-thirds of the total cases in 2019.

These states have increasingly become worse for women over this 10-year period, irrespective of the ruling political parties and India has to seriously do some introspection into this “rape culture” rising because it appears to be rooted in wrong thinking and a mentality towards girls and women in that they do not matter and it is okay to rape them.  The Women’s Empowerment organizations have not raised a significant voice or awareness for women.

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