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Six Things Women Think When They Start Desiring Men

LifestyleSix Things Women Think When They Start Desiring Men

When do women start desiring men? The answers to this question are vastly varied from one woman to another due to their design and exposure.

A girl can start getting attracted to men as early as 12 years old, due to puberty hormonal changes as well as the exposure they received as they grow up. The peak of most girls’ magnetic attraction to men is during their high school years because their puberty hormonal levels have advanced.

Here are a few collective thoughts that spin through women’s minds during the stages when they first start desiring men.

 1.  Men physically taller than them are more attractive

Women are generally attracted to their “tall, strong, masculine” heroes.  Their dream guy should be macho-looking and taller than them. These projects could be influenced by movies they watch or books they read where boys kiss their teeny tiny girls propelling girls to desire a duplicate experience too.  The psychological images played through movies and books bring on a reciprocal response in girls where taller boys attract younger girls due to that strong, tough image.  However, as a woman matures, she comes to realize that tallness does not have anything to do with men’s abilities nor qualities.

2.  Men who share the same interests are highly desirable

Women are pulled to men who listen to the same music, have similar hobbies, enjoy the same authors, books, watch the same movies, and basically share similar interests in life.  Women are captivated by fun-loving, adventurous action-packed men with a sense of humor and are bewitched by men who are intuitive, understanding what she likes.  She will readily fall for a man who “understands” her, listens to her, and reaches out to her in personal touches.  For example, if he learns that she loves roses and he gives her roses, she would fall for him. When they started chatting and get more connected in conversations, women will think “maybe he’s the one”.  Interestingly, later in their life, women will find out that differences will complement their relationship more and make it more interesting, and he does not have to be just like her.

  1. “I will marry my high school love”

Women are romantic and very true in their love. Often,  when a woman starts loving a man and eventually becomes his girlfriend, she establishes that relationship as a  love to last forever. It has been observed that some women marry their classmates or high school boyfriend and it is very evident that that eternal love exists. However, that’s not always the case. One’s first love or high school love will not always be the one a girl eventually marries. The couples may fight, and over time, it will become evident they have different principles of life, or just so many differences, stress, or tension in their relationship will spur on a breakup. However, since many women plan to spend the rest of their life with the man that they love, the break-up will cause dramatic heartbreak and suffering.

4.  They don’t care much about good looks

As women grow up and reach their 20s or 30s, men’s look is one most important thing that they pay attention to. Men have to be well dressed and wear good shoes. A lot of adult women judge men from their shoes. However, when women are young and start getting enchanted by a man, they will be drawn to his heart and soul seeing him as a person. Even his uncombed hair is cool while his clothes if not crisply ironed or even shabby shoes would not matter to her because she loves him as he is.  However, later in life, she assesses his personality more by his clothes, shoes, dressing seeing it as a quality for a successful, healthy-minded strong man, which becomes important to her.

  1. Women start feeling that the men they love probably do not care about them

As a women advances in age, her emotions go haywire and her emotions are like waves that peak and crash.  She goes through a lot of things while also undergoing huge hormonal changes and emotional problems. Her body and organs are changing and some older women undergo confidence crashes with bouts of insecurity feeling she may feel not good enough or not beautiful enough for the man she loves.

 6.  Men will only break their heart

During a woman’s wave crash, she experiences many psychological changes. Romantic experiences tend to be more problematic compared to those at the later phases of life. Some women only choose to like a man without exploring any deeper relationship with that man. Many women choose to stay closer to their peers to stay in safe zones and protect their hearts from being broken.  Other women who end up  Many others who end up in a relationship may experience an unstable relationship perpetuated with fear and insecurity that “men will only break hearts”. Due to deeply-rooted insecurities and fears, their weak psychological maturity leads to conflicts and uncomfortable experiences.

Experiencing love and romance in a woman’s early part of life has its complications and while a woman faces the fire at this stage, she will only be transformed into a stronger woman in the future. Parents play a crucial role to help to maintain a closer bond during these critical early times in their lives, to give them emotional security to facilitate a healthier romantic experience for the women in their younger age and avoid unnecessary psychological problems in the future.  A woman’s perceptions of a relationship in her youth will enable her to have beautiful relationships in the future.






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