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Put on the garment of praise in the darkest night to see the light

LifestylePut on the garment of praise in the darkest night to see the light

Sometimes, life is not easy being born into a difficult home immersed in problems.  At such times, it is very easy to give up and sink.

Bad incidents leave marks in our soul forever.  We often think that only physical abuse is more dangerous than verbal abuse but even verbal abuse can leave one traumatized to leave marks etched in the soul forever. Verbal abuse can reduce a person to a shaking mass of jelly, terrified without confidence, ripped apart with terror and trembling.

How we handle such situations is the key.  If things are unbearable, it is better to find a way out of the situation; however, sometimes, people are trapped in such a way that they cannot get out.  If we can, find a door to escape from constant abuse.

However, on another road, if we are to remain, prayer can transform our pain and sorrow to the oil of joy when we walk closely with the Creator of the Universe.  Our prayers turn our ragged old clothes into beautiful garments of praise.

There was a true story of a young girl born into a family of 6, her parents and three older brothers. While her early days were happy, in time she would witness her family quarrelling which would turn violent especially from her father.  She was deeply disturbed by this.  One holiday, when she was a teenager, she was invited to a church.  She never liked going to church as she found it very boring. She went however and was deeply moved when she walked into the church.

She remembered kind faces and lovely smiles, few came up to her and told her that they were very happy to see her and had been praying for her. She felt very loved!  Tears rolled down her eyes.   She wanted to come back the following Sunday. This was the beginning of something God was doing, which she wasn’t aware of.

That was the beginning of a great journey with God, the Creator. She felt an incredible presence of Love.  The love of God started doing something deep in her heart. Slowly, her life began to change.  This young girl learned how to worship God and turn to Him in her distress.  Filled with His joy and worship, she put on the Garment of Praise and her situation and family changed gloriously!

Sometimes, it is not that easy and things may not change magically overnight, but praise, worship, joy, gratitude, and positive thinking are a magnet for miracles and over time, we start experiencing greater change when we put on the garment of praise.  At the same time, this does not make us close our eyes to the wrongs around us.  Our senses get sharper, keener, and we receive more courage to speak out against wrong, but with the Creator on our side, our lives and words become more impactful to help others too in distress.

Try out wearing the garment of praise instead of complaining each day and see how your life will transform and your change will change the world!


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