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Kim Jong Un expresses alarm at North Korea’s COVID breach

HealthKim Jong Un expresses alarm at North Korea's COVID breach

Kim Jong Un who in 2020 ordered shoot on sight COVID patients is very worried about North Korea’s COVID breach.

North Korea, one of the few countries with no confirmed cases of coronavirus, reports “grave incident” due to lapse in anti-epidemic efforts – Yonhap.

In February 2020, the first coronavirus patient who tested positive in North Korea was shot dead on Kim Jong-un’s order according to an IB Times report quoting a Twitter account. Kim Jong-un has told the country’s top officials that “if the infectious disease which is spreading beyond control finds its way into North Korea, it will entail serious consequences”.

Now in June 2021, Kim Jong Un expresses dread as North Korea’s Covid-19 situation has become grave and blamed top officials for failures and said that North Korea faced a “great crisis” over a quarantine breach is raising more questions about what’s going wrong inside his secretive regime.

American officials say that Kim Jong Un is more fearful of the virus than anything else and presently, he has lost weight and his citizens are expressing their distress at his “emaciated” look presently.

The country has administered drastic containment measures and last year in 2020, Kim Jong Un’s regime locked down the border city of Kaesong out of panic that a person who came from South Korea may have carried the virus. It investigated the military unit responsible for patrols and pledged to “administer a severe punishment” to those responsible, official media said.

With the strong extreme measures that North Korea took to contain the virus, rumors spread that Kim Jong Un ordered shoot on sight anyone found infected with COVID-19 and burned.  Unfortunately, North Korea being a closed country will not allow admission or investigation, and only leaked out news from secret sources can inform the world of the gruesome events incurred by the inhuman dictator.

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