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Union Health Ministry helps homeless, nomads, mentally ill etc for jabs

HealthUnion Health Ministry helps homeless, nomads, mentally ill etc for jabs

The Union Health Ministry has set forth new rules for the homeless, beggars, etc. who do not have Aadhar or PAN cards to get the COVID vaccine

The Health Ministry said, “Nomadic and homeless people present in different parts of the country, saints, beggars living on the streets, mentally challenged people, jailed prisoners, and people living in old age have been given corona vaccine. We have made some rules to ensure that it can be done.”

The community task force with the help of the NGO, Social Welfare, and Minorities Department will set out to identify the marginalized people who do not have identity cards such as Aadhar and Pan cards.

The data received of the people identified from the district level will go to the State level and the State will administer vaccines for them.

A ‘convenor’ can also be selected for vaccination of such people, it is mandatory for the convenor to have his mobile number and identity card.
A separate department will also be made available for the registration of vulnerable groups on the COVIN app.

It was a good move from the Union Health Ministry because there are over 1.77 million homeless people in India as well as other marginalized poor and such will benefit from the vaccine. As the slogan goes, “No one is safe unless all are safe.”

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