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Pressure from Court & States for free vaccines prompt PM Modi’s U-Turn

HealthPressure from Court & States for free vaccines prompt PM Modi's U-Turn

At his 5 p.m. address to the nation, PM Modi announces free vaccines for all from June 21 at govt hosps, free ration for the poor till Diwali.

The past few months have seen a horrendous surge in COVID cases in India leading to a frightening medical crisis and rise in fatalities, however, COVID calmed down a little in June calmed and Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation today to address the difficulties the nation was facing.

He emphasized following COVID-19 protocol Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed on following Covid-19 protocols which include wearing face masks and maintaining social distance.  He said ‘modern world had never witnessed a pandemic like this before.” He said that originally the vaccination drive was slow but then India worked in mission mode by launching Mission Indradhanush.

The Center accepted States’ demand on vaccine drive and changed policy in May, the Prime Minister warned the people against misinformation about vaccines, announced free vaccine for all, and also free ration for the poor under PMGKY (Garib Kalyan Yoajana) till Diwali

He said that they were working on bringing more vaccines from abroad, and assures the people of a good vaccine supply saying that they made logistical preparation well in advance.  Additionally, research on nasal vaccines has also currently started.

He also said over 23 crore vaccine jabs have been administered so far with 2 made-in-India vaccines launched within a year: Seven more Indian pharmaceutical companies join in to develop the COVID vaccine for the virus.

He said, “Vaccination is the only shield.”  He also said, “We ramped up setting up health infrastructure, producing essential medicines.”

He expressed condolences for lives lost saying, “I empathize with all those who have lost their loved ones.”

He said India has shown that it is not behind major countries in the world and said that the government provided all logistical support to the vaccine manufacturing companies.

While he received praise for his address from the chief minister of Kerala and others, he also received criticism.  Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan said

Priyanka Chaturvedi said



A citizen reminded people:

Dr. Shama Mohamed said,

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