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7 years of PM Modi & mask drops amid broken promises & economic crash

India7 years of PM Modi & mask drops amid broken promises & economic crash

With a slipping -7.3% GDP ruining the economy and bringing down lakhs of Indians below the poverty line, this was not the PM India voted for.

But the game of the mask has been played by certain politicians over the world, recorded in the chambers of history.  They are usually surrounded by crowds of sycophantic followers to give an illusionary picture that they are widely popular.

They spend millions on propaganda, fake news, media fanfare of their events, and image and event are more important than delivering help in a timely way.

Congress MP and top leader Rahul Gandhi rightly said recently in his press conference that Prime Minister Modi is not a strategist but an event manager.  An event manager works hard to establish a popularized grand image, creates phantoms of grandeur to build favorable impressions, and trick the gullible masses into believing lies as the truth.

Vague shady grays occupy the paradigms of politics more than pure well-marked definitions of black and white truth thus millions of people drown in seas of confusion and chaos.  For example, when the GDP was falling down, some main Media focused on villainizing the Tablighi Jamaat, they also ignored the poor management of the coronavirus or the mass crowds.

When in Bengaluru, UP, Delhi, etc., people were dying due to lack of ventilators, hospital bills are running into lakhs and while the government had months to prepare, nothing was done and prices kept rising with even ministers are making use of every opportunity to loot the people, the Media rarely focused on this.  If Twitter did a stormy hashtag, the topic would eventually sheepishly be reported in the evening news and apart from one or two channels, all the others never questioned the government and usually cut off speakers who raised these issues.

It is surprising that Indian Media questions and mocks the Congress party and other Opposition parties and not the government!  This is the game of the political mask wearers where they have trained the main Media to attack the Opposition and cover their own backs.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the master of the game with a “mask of Zorro” that is slowly slipping off.  He rose to power from the humble origins of the son of a modest chaiwala fascinating Indian hearts in a highly popular wave to bring a prosperous India into a golden era of exorbitance, green revolution, rural rise, and financial riches and joy for all.

He was The Man just like Zorro to throw out corruption and understand the pain of the poor and lift them out of disturbed lowlands.  Without exaggeration, millions of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, and others voted for Shri Narendra Modi with celebrating hearts for development and riches. They kept chanting in ecstasy, “Modi hai to mumkin hai!” meaning if Modi is there, then it is possible and chorused “Ache din aane wale hai” meaning good days are going to come.

PM Modi’s image came with a high price through social media, vigorous door-to-door invasions, Media, extravagant campaigns, and literature with deep networkings worldwide capturing the hearts of the NRIs (non-resident Indians) abroad.

On social media, PM Modi is not only on the mainstream sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, but also among many other platforms, with a mass following on Twitter.

That popular image was established even harder with a vibrant BJP IT cell working furiously through social media lashing out at the slightest comment against the government attacking people with statements like “anti-national” if they dare to utter an anti-Modi comment. In fact, in the early days, people started getting arrested for speaking against the Prime Minister on social media.

I do remember that the first person who openly started hitting out at the Prime Minister was Rahul Gandhi, and it was this cracking of the shell that eventually released others to drop their fear of the Prime Minister. Yes, India was trembling at one time.

A former spin doctor Lance Price was paid to write a book ‘The Modi Effect’.  He later said he had ‘never heard’ of Modi before he started writing the book! Image is so important for the masked.

In the early days when the Prime Minister went abroad, or even in India, one could hear crowds screaming “Modi, Modi, Modi.”  People were fed with emotions to rise up in frenzies, synergize and scream “Modi” to build a mass hypnotism effect.  Soul power is energized through masses and it keeps building.  The Modi government has spent more than 5909 crores on advertisement because they know how important it is.

While India was falling through the economy, development, and growth, fragmented into divisions of Hindu, Muslim, and Christian, where the Sangh Parivar would attack any Muslim or Christian online with filthy expletives so vile that leaves one reeling backward in shock, the masked ones built three narratives to keep the Modi wave on a high ride.

The Masked Ones Built a Hindu Muslim Divide

Certain members of the BJP IT cell made forged videos and shared misleading articles on WhatsApp groups and then these were reported by Godi Media.  This built a climate of burning hostility towards Muslims for the divide and rule politics and create an image of Modi ji as a protector of the Hindus from the “Islamic invaders” which was being fed to them.  Such comments are well documented on Social Media.  Fortunately, this was later busted as fake news, but unfortunately, greater damage was inflicted on the hearts and minds of millions of Indians.  Wide-eyed housewives were telling others that the “Muslims and China brought the Coronavirus to India.”

Since 2014 at least 44 Muslims were killed by cow vigilantes and the very first victim was a 15-year-old boy in a train who was slaughtered because he was a Muslim.  Because of this unnatural fear towards Muslims, violence towards them was created.  It is fear that births hate.  This division demarcated the country and separated communities and since the Hindu community is in the majority, it worked in favor of the BJP in terms of votes too.

The plans to rebuild Ram Mandir with war cries to establish India as a Hindu Rashtra grew louder over the last six years.  The masked projected the Prime Minister as the only one who could protect them from Muslims and Christians and there was a constant cry that “Hindu khatre mein hai” meaning if Modi was not in power, there would be endless bloodshed of Hindus, painting a picture of Hindus as victims of the Muslims and Christians, which of course is a fake news ecosystem to create a fear psychosis

The Masked Ones Created a Narrative that Christians Want to Convert India to a Christian Nation:  

A recent image was morphed to show a book titled ‘How to convert India into a Christian nation’, the Holy Bible, and a statue of Jesus placed on a bookshelf behind Sonia Gandhi. 

Over the last few years, there are an increased amount of fake videos and stories, and pictures circulating against Christians to the extent that the violence inflicted against them has increased.  While Persecution Relief started reporting these crimes, he got a threatening letter from the RSS to stop.  The voices speaking against the atrocities to Christians are muffled and Christians subdued had the government strip off foreign funding for them and Muslims while the RSS NGOs are still receiving foreign funds.

It is ironic that that RSS-based Hindus did not feel fear when a Sikh, Manmohan Singh was ruling India, they did not feel frightened when Congress ruled India for 70 years, a very secular party, did not fear when the Muslim dynasties ruled India from 1526–1748 and the British, basically, one could say a more “Christian” rule for nearly 200 years, but are petrified and so fearful when Narendra Modi is ruling India!

Still, the Hindus remained 80% of the population Muslims around 16%, and Christians approximately 2%. It is strange that under an RSS-rooted Prime Minister such as Narendra Modi, Hindus are terrified that Hinduism is going to be wiped out of India by the tiny minorities, thus have to clamp down on their NGOs in dread of their “foreign funding.”

The Masked Ones Projected PM Modi as the true Protector of India from Terrorists:

PM Modi was projected as the only one who could save India from terrorists and a certain large number of Modi followers started to treat others as if they were infiltrators of India and needed to leave and openly started telling people to leave India.

A new nationalism spread over India, which is good in its pure form; but if it is not pure, it takes its form in pseudo nationalism which makes people violent, intolerant, and judgmental.  Suddenly, anyone who disagreed with the government was told to go to Pakistan or to get out of the country.  Nearly everyone was called anti-national and many were suddenly labeled as “terrorists.” It started to become hilarious at a point.

With the Uri attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emerged as a hero, and during the Pulwama attack, Modi ji rose as a star to guard the nation.  When he revoked article 370 overnight, this was seen as a masterstroke.

Indians closed their eyes to a very drastic lockdown in Kashmir which deprived thousands of livelihoods, no Internet which affected personal lives, and digital accesses on the Internet which affected business, work, and hospitals, the lockdown deprived proper medical care on time, where people lost lives and draconian laws with heavy hands which hurt many innocents. In all this, if any Indian dared to raise a squeak on Kashmir, they were immediately termed anti-national.

It is a tragedy that most Kashmiris today are very poor and many have to think of leaving Kashmir in order to survive to build better prospects in their lives. I mean, did they revoke article 370 to deprive Kashmiris of their lives, so much so that they have to go to another country for a better life?

This is a misfortune that hurt Kashmiris.  So many have lost government jobs and tourism in the hands of the Center is not building up in any way.  In fact, it cannot as long as Kashmir remains a militarized zone because people are scared. Their trade is hit heavily, youth are taking their lives out of depression, drug markets are creeping in, and basically, everyone is languishing with joblessness, perhaps worse than anywhere else in the world because Kashmir suffered a 3-year lockdown, first with article 370 abrogation and now with COVID-19. Today, we cannot even fathom the pain Kashmir went through but time will tell their sad stories and hearts will break that no one could help them.

But the Mask is Slipping Off

It was soon discovered that 60% of the PM’s followers are fake and he was mainly supported by the IT cell of the BJP who promoted the government.

His recent images with him lovingly feeding a peacock (India’s national bird and considered auspicious for Hindus) or reaching out to birds, was once again that illusion that the masked one wanted to create of a cool pro-animal lover, but it was ill-timed as it was propagated during the storm of the COVID pandemic.

Indians are suddenly angry and we see the mood all around, people have lost their loved ones to COVID-19 due to lack of hospital care, medicines, and oxygen, and there is a rising rage against the Modi government.  Today, if we go to Twitter, we see wrathful hashtags trending very heavily against PM Modi and if one tries to find a pro-Modi hashtag, it is very faint. If one goes to the Prime Minister’s Maan Ki Baat, it would have probably lakhs to a million dislikes and a few thousand likes.

Economic Fall:  With the fall in GDP going down the -7, the lowest ever in the history of India, there is a slight awakening that economic development was not the Prime Minister’s priority. While Dr. Manmohan’s economic schemes lifted millions of Indians out of poverty, the Prime Minister has brought back poverty to India where now people sleep hungry at night, which had been eradicated through the brilliant economist’s schemes, indeed now India cries for Dr. Manmohan Singh and many are profusely apologizing to him for their ridicule because they never understood his genius until it was too late.

India is termed as one of the poorest countries in the world, this is the first time India has gone behind Bangladesh, the unplanned lockdown destroyed industries, businesses, and work all around the nation with more than 75 lakhs unemployed in April 2021 alone.

Fuel Prices:  Presently, India has the highest fuel price in the world afflicting millions and brought dissatisfaction everywhere.  Of course, when fuel prices rise, the cost of every commodity rises in proportion.

⛽ Congress      BJP

Petrol: ₹60       ₹101
Diesel: ₹50       ₹91
LPG: ₹414       ₹819

Privatization of Agriculture:  The farmers are furious and are neglected. While the BJP has tried to raise up voices that all the farmers except Punjabi farmers are delighted with the new laws, this is far from true and the farmers’ protests are the largest ever in world history and have carried on for a year now with no budging from the government.

Rupee at the lowest:  The rupee has become very weak and has affected traders and industries.

Highest unemployment:   Unemployment is the highest since the history of India, in 45 years the very worst and this was long before COVID struck India.

There were 12.2 crore Indians who lost jobs during the COVID lockdown just at a single slicing stroke, just in April. The unemployment rate rose to 23%, the highest ever. Under the Congress government, it used to be up to 2.2% at the highest.

Food inflation at an all-time high:  The cost of vegetables, milk, ghee, and just about everything is rising high, but there is no money to pay for the price rises.

Interest on deposits @ 17 yr low 

Bank credit growth @ 50 yr low 

GST Failed:  Critics say the hasty overnight demonetisation led to the withdrawal of 86 percent of all money in circulation at once, proved to bring a major breakdown and disrupted the supply chain, negatively striking the Indian economy. The economic slowdown or growth recession is proof of their claim.

MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) destroyed:  GST, demonetization destroyed MSME units, says Jayati Ghosh … blow to the economy and the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector was the worst hit.

“The seven years of the Modi government are marked by seven criminal wrongdoings,” Mr. Surjewala Congress leader said while blaming the government of being guilty of bringing upon a financial crisis, triggering unemployment and inflation, attack on farmers, lack of sympathy for the poor and the middle-class, mismanagement of Covid crisis and tampering with national security.

In the end, the masked one is slowly bringing on his downfall because he overdid his acts to the exclusion of ignoring the people’s pain. When occasion demanded, he would hastily offer condolences and sympathy but actions, in reality, were nil. While he exported vaccines worldwide, he never thought of India’s massive population and today, India is emptied of vaccines.

He, the illusionist created an industry of people to sing his praises, write on him, and make movies on him, he dictated to the Media what should be said and what needed to be omitted.

He is the most followed political leader on Instagram.  As for YouTube and Mann Ki Baat, right now, the dislikes far outweigh the likes and they have turned off the comment section because Indians are seething in resentment due to his negligences. Perhaps, he spent too much time propagandizing his image that he forget to care about the country and right now many say, “When Rome was burning, Nero was playing his fiddle.”

One can play a game of masked propaganda for a season but one day, the mask slips off and the world sees the real person behind the mask, the Mask of Zorro revealed itself to really be the Mask of Sorrow, to everyone’s horror, and then, there is no turning back for one can no longer hide and people can no longer be fooled.


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